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Black Apple Guild

When days grow cold, and trees grow old, blood on our blades will give us fortune.
— Blessing of Catulo
  The black apple guild is an assassins guild that operates in the northern part of Murtivia. Its headquarters is located in the city of Kaplum, the great turtle city. The guild has been around for some time and is feared by most of the population of northern Murtivia.  

The guild

The Black Apple Guild has their hands all over the northern side of Murtivia. But especially in Kaplum they have a strong presence. They complete assassination contracts and earn a nice living by doing some side business like extortion and sometimes even mercenary work. They are feared by the population of Northern Murtivia , who know not to mess with the Black Apple Guild. They owe their name to their origin. The guild started of with a few friends from a small apple orchard south of Kaplum. From there they grew into the largest assassins guild of the region.
The black apple guild is not only feared by civilians, but also by the guards that uphold the law. In fact, they are so afraid of the guild, that they won't get involved with anything the guild does. A murder? Not a problem if you're with the guild. For this reason, the guild leaves specially made, black apples behind whenever they make a kill or do something illegal. This way the guards know not to pursue the case.
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