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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an organization in your world that has become so powerful it's above the law.
A total of 365 entries

Orden der Epeautreerzseptei

The Bank of the Iron Fist

Church of the Exalted One

The Eye of Storms and its "Holy" Ways

The Church of the Pantheon

The Adelvo Society for the Unrestful

The rise of the Church of the Scarlet Flame

Soarin' Sally's Privateering Band

The Library of Silvermont

Otherworld Construction Corp.

North American Werewolf Confederacy

Madam Montpelier’s Marvelous Menagerie (The Menagerie)

The Forum of Cultural Welfare

La Orden del Escudo de Fuego

The Guild of Apothecaries (Baeleth)

The Other Brotherhood Medicament

The Pleiades Corporation

Doctor Love's League of Lovelies -- (Multiple worlds)

SC2020 - The Venerators of the Celestial Parents

The Windcallers Guild of Ceros

Ősmágusok Titkos Szövetsége

The Bureau of Records and Warrants

The Structuralist Fraternity of Levelers

South Andor Corporation (S.A.C.)

Teddy Myal's Inquisition

The Vigilant Order of the Phantom Blade

The Secret Guardians [WASC2020]

Nyx Pan-Psychonatural Academy

Followers of Kord 'God of Courage' (SC'20)

The Martian Security Alliance

The Merciful Brotherhood

The Garrison and Etrien

FCA: Foundation for Captive Anomalies

The Council of the High Priests of The Ota Ilukan

Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit

Order of the Forbidden Souls

The Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig

Conservators of the Word and Star

Thieves Guild (Name under construction)

Society of Educated Gentlewomen

Free Kingdom of the Northern islands

Engu T'kra T'kai: Department of Information Getting

Department of Integrated Services

Ístöfra - Schule der Eishexer

Prompt 20: The Seekers of the Forge

The Syndicate of the Shadowed Blade

Frannʧe Frorch Trersstühungchsara

The Chirurgeon's Good Protectorate

The Reputable Transmutaion Society at Gallington

The Compact of the Rinfell Incident