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Nezra Merchants Guild

      The Nezra merchants guild is the merchants guid of Avaril, capital of the dark elf empire. They are responsible for the majority of trade and business in the city. Each business must put in for a permit to engage in trade within the city, except for traveling caravans. They are exempt from this rule, as they are often bringing goods to trade with businesses, and having an expanding inventory from all over Variel is good for business. 
      The licenses issued from the merchants guild guarantees them a percentage of all profits from the established businesses. This constant stream of income has kept their coffers filled since their inception. This has given them the power to lobby the government for less restrictive trade laws, and lax working condition laws. Businesses are also required to renew their license every two years, and the renewal fee is subject to rates based on the income the businesses produce. The more income the business generates, the less it pays in renewal fees. This has solidified them as the most profitable organization within Avaril.
      If the laws they lobby in favor of are not passed, they use their immense wealth to set up outside corporate entities in other nations to skirt outside the laws that they can not have passed. Any fines levied against them by breaking the law can be easily paid without a second thought. There isn't much that can be done, because they control the commerce of Avaril, and may shut down the economy and trade of the city. It is already forced to go through them, but they can sent all business to outside nations, and simply have goods imported to be sold at higher cost. This has placed them in a position of economic supremacy over the people, and in a way, the government of Avaril.
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