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Intsitute of Magi-Technicians

The Institute of Magi-Tecnicians? Why, them's those that have Salike by the balls with all that fancy tech stuff. They're messing with things they don't understand and it will come back to them threefold, mark my word
— Fringe dweller to a travelling merchant


A tech dependent city

  Daemon tech has become synonymous with Salike, it is used to power the devices and machines which make every day life in Salike so much easier - for most. How it is made is a secret held by the Institute of Magi Technicians and they hold it closely. Since those in power depend the most heavily on the Daemon Tech for their wealth, the Institute has a certain freedom to act as it deems fit. For the most part they are not too interested in the day to day workings of the city unless it impacts them. A quiet word from a head of the institute has been known to put a stop to laws being passed or even getting some laws overturned. This has caused some rumblings amongst the local populace and the rumblings are growing.


Built upon secrets

  The Institute has been growing in power for the last hundred years or so as the city comes to rely more and more on their Daemon tech. They have considerable wealth at their disposal and weild it with precision for their own benefits. On the surface the Institute seems to be no more than it claims to be, an organisation of mages, engineers and scientists dedicated to magical research and technological advancement. While this is true for most people who work for the Institute, it is not true for all. Those who run the Institute hide a dark secret and will go to any lengths to keep it, including threats, blackmail and perhaps even murder: some who have raised the ire of the Institute have simply never been seen again.


The Institute is divided into several departments, each dedicated to a particular field of research and study. Each department is overseen by a Department Head who report directly to the Board of Directors. There are four directors though only three are ever seen, with the fourth claiming to be merely a silent partner and benefactor. The departments are as follows:


The largest of the departments, it concerns itself with the advancement of clockwork machinery and engines. Some of it's greatest acheivements include the development of the monorail and the growing city wide plumbing and sewer system. It hosts the best and brightest of the city's engineers and mechanics, and even attracts those from the other nations and city states of the continent. Constantly in competetion with the guild of engineers in the Gnomish nation of Grom, it strives to always be at the cutting edge of technological advancement.  

Magic research

This department concerns itself with the study of magic and it's application in technology.  


Not to be confused with Alchemists guild
Educational, Scientific Institute
Controlled Territories

Daemon tech at work

Plumbing, street lighting, mono-rails and clockwork engines are just some of the services the Institute provides the city. Then there are the toys of the wealthy; horseless carriages, music-players, cooling systems for houses and even a few automatons. The possibilities seem to be bound only by how fast the technology to accompany the magic can be created,though some do worry that the supply of Daemons may not be limitless.

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