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Church of the Hidden One

The church of the hidden one is a religion that believes in Riox. It has been created by Lars Sik and it has become so powerful that it has voice between the government of Celasia Empire.

Divine Origins

Lars Sik, the founder, started to gather people for the Church of the hidden one after watching how the magic of what he believed to be Riox, saved his parents. Since then, he started gathering people and other miracles.


They worship Riox, a god with a celestial body that watches over them, but hides always except two months each year. They believe Riox is an almighty god that is going to save them from Death and Chaos. This does not mean that Riox will make them immortals, but that will protect them from unfair and painful deaths. Riox will also save them from Chaos, the unknown, by teaching them how to control the magic that he gave them.


Riox has various cults that while it have common points with the religion, they do not usually like to be related with this religion. These are the most big cults:
  • Sons of Riox: they believe to be descendants of Riox, using this to explain why they are able to do magic. The only followers of this are people with magical power.
  • Twisted Riox: they believe that Riox is a cruel god that only wants to play with them. They sacrifice people in name of Riox to calm him and thus stopping their wishes to play with them.
  • Riox's arcana: they believe that Riox gave the world magic to increase the people changes to survive. For them, Riox appears from time to time in Iphars as a humanoid figure (that they call Echo) with amazing magic capabilities, and they wish to meet them once and ask them to teach them about magic.
  • Followers of God: They believe that Riox is the father of everything, that is only good, and it will only save the people that are good and pure, and will leave the bad people to have horrible death.

Riox will save us, appease him, praise him!

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Founding Date
43 years ago
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Church of the watching god
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