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Avenon Council

Few gained such influence as them. Many would say that the country was too foolish to not see it happen. But every country has their own problems in due time... and for the people who blame history can't stop blaming others for their wrongs.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Theocracy of Nilari and Minrans, or Nilaminra as it is called, has always been ruled by the Nini and her council of priests and priestesses of Nilari and Reliona. But there was a time when she and her council stood to do nothing when nobles once again ruled the country when Avenon Council took over.

Public Agenda

Avenon Council was very clear with their goals: Restoration of the nobility's power. Over the years that Nilaminra more and more turned to the clergy for advice and more and more power was turned to them, some of the nobility saw it as a turn for the worse. The nobility had agreed that Nilaminra was a theocracy were the Nini and her council of priests and priestesses ruled. Some were not and formed Avenon Council to counter the increasing influence that was amassing to the clergy. Their leader, Granon Avenon, was most open with his dismay of the changing political landscape. He led the council with open intent of pressure onto the Nini so they would be recognized as part of the lawmakers again.


Granon Avenon was famed for having a large amount of money in silver but also have the manpower to enforce his laws in his realm. During the "reign" of Avenon Council, they went above and beyond the pressuring by stealing from cloisters of Nilari that had large amounts of silver and rare pearls. Many of the eastern castles were under Avenon's realm and his vassals, making him the bastion of defence against Orfordhwelm. Although having lost his title of Duke Avenon, he still was Levi-count of Avenon afterwards and used much influence to sway other nobles to aid his cause.


Nilaminra was founded as a theocracy ruled by the Nini, a political and religious leader dedicated to Nilari, goddess of peace and prosperity, in 845. As the the first Nini founded the country, she was adamant of curtailing the nobility power under the state and having them not making laws within their own realm. Having been victorious over large armies and demolished a whole nation, no one dared to rival her and the ones who did was silenced by divine intervention from the Goddess Reliona or with the powers of Nini herself. Over the years did several noble houses decided to relocate into newly liberated states in the east or going over to the Kingdom of Ravero which had a new border with Nilaminra.
Among the ones who stayed was the noble house of Avenon, named after the hills that surrounded its castle. They had no reason to leave, as they were higher nobility and still had some amount of power to influence the situation. They continued their rule undisputed up until 1321, 476 years after Nilaminra was formed. In 1291 Orfordhwelm and Nilaminra had been at war which had been won by Nilaminra and during which the Order of the Holy Relinnias formed and was given the village of Nimes, which in turn had been a part of Avenon's territory. Avenon's duke, Granon Avenon, had been but a teenager during the war and now in his 40s demanded compensation in form of influence for lost territory. The new Nini, a girl of 29, and her council answered with removing Avenon's title as duke and his title was reverted down to Levi-count of minor nobility. Granon was infuriated by the dismissal and demotion and formed Avenon Council, in response to Nilaminra's distaste and treatment of the nobility. He gathered several of the former large houses and even some village chiefs under the banner, becoming a threat to Nilaminra itself.
Avenon Council was ruled by Granon with an iron fist so to speak, he overruled the Nini's judgments and ignored her calls to court. Having no problem to even go the extra length in demanding taxes from the cloisters while the Nilaminran army stood by and watched. Having the fear of civil war, the Nini and her Council stood by and did nothing against Avenon Council and their rule over the southern territories.


Granon Avenon was a charismatic man but did not succeed in forcing the Nini to accept the nobility into the council. Not wanting to use the force of arms, fearing attack from Orfordhwelm and possibly even the Kingdom of Telaron. Granon died in 1383 at the age of 74, leaving his first-born son Pedier as the new leader of Avenon Council. Pedier did not inherit his father's charisma, and would rather allow others to do ruling for him in the council. This would lead to some of the nobility leaving and the ones who were left began to disagree on what actions to use. Eventually Pedier after having nightmares about his father tormenting him in his sleep, he acted as a head of Avenon Council. Among the things he would do was to try to force the Relinnias out of their home in Nimes...
It was a foolish action some would say. Relinnias did what a holy military order would do, asking their God and then asking the Nini who was their second patron. Having grown in herself since Grannon's threats, the Nini took action and branded Avenon and his council as traitors and excommunicated from Reliona and Nilari's graces. The Relinnias attacked Tour-Avenon Castle, where Avenon Council and Pedier had their home. Pedier did not see it coming, and as the castle gates were run down almost immediately without preparations, the council was killed in their chairs with several of their loyal soldiers and knights around them. Some, like the Martel family, escaped to Orfordhwelm and became nobility there rather than to face execution and other means of punishment.
So ended the struggle for the nobilities rights in Nilaminra. The Nini did not, however, change anything against them afterwards. Seeing instead that the nobility could be an asset rather used to one's advantage and not against themselves, she gave them more rights to the land and to keep them happy, an agreement that they would not be ignored in matters that could relate to them. This has only been invoked during the times of war but has kept the nobility away from forming another Avenon Council...

1321 - 1389

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