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If there is any of the Gods or Goddesses that I believe has no ill will towards Humans and Demons alike, it is Nilari. Nilari might be related to the sadness and harsh world we live in in many ways, but Nilari has never once raised Her hand against others. It has never been done through Her intended will as this old man sees it. Peace is after all a frail and vulnerable lady affected by many things out of Nilari's reach.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Nilari, the Goddess of Peace, prosperity, patience, happiness and medicine. Loved and admired, She is one of the main eight Gods in The Eight Pantheons and has one of the largest groups of followers and worshippers dedicated to Her. The Nilarian Church of Nilaminra is the official church dedicated to Nilari and a recognised church in The Eight Pantheons. She is also together with Reliona the patron deity of Nilaminra, a unique position which is not seen anywhere else on Nimenra.

Goddess of Peace Herself

Nilari is often called Lady Nilari or The Lady of Peace, due to nature and representation as a noble and good soul in every instance She has appeared. She shows no hostility in the slightest of what the stories tell beyond some angered remarks towards Orio, Reliona and Umberem. Many see Nilari as something for women and men to strive towards if they decide to live a peaceful life and thus prosper. She shares some of Her aspects with Rhyn because of this, due to His relation to life and nature which is needed to prosper, in addition to peace, for life to continue. Nilari is seen as a caretaker of life with Her domain of medicine, which many of the clerics and priestesses of Nilari aim to learn much about.
While they are somewhat opposite of each other; Nilari and Reliona are great friends according to myth. Their shared interest in keeping Nimenra peaceful in different ways connects them. That is also why they both appeared to The First Nini after The Treason of Isvrik and aid their worshippers. Nilari has been known, unlike Reliona, to not take action in such events thus it is a very important one for Nilaminra and especially the Karakans.

Her Goals

Nilari's highest hope and goal is the end of suffering. As the Goddess of Peace, She wills it that conflicts end without the need for bloodshed and the death of innocents. During the War of the Gods, She was one of few Gods that did not take to weapon nor fight against the others. She does have Her own chosen, The Nini, that is supposed to guide humanity towards this final goal. However, this has proven a hard task even with the The Heroine of Reliona at The Nini's side.
Lake Merluni by A of Worldkeymaster

Her worship

Many indirectly follow Nilari by choosing not to do violence at the signs of conflict. Those who decide to dedicate their lives to Her, however, usually become priestesses in one of Her many churches or nuns in a Nilarian religious order or aid others with their knowledge of healing or wealth. To be virtuous in Nilari's eyes is to pray for a better time without the warfare, conflicts and hostility that can be witnessed across Nimenra.
The way to reach peace through Her worship has been interpreted in various ways. The Nilarian Church of Nilaminra actively takes part in the world with The Nini at its head in many political issues, notably in the The War for Marlun where The Nini has sent forces in the name of peace. Other religious orders have decided to act as healers and helpers, aiding the ones in need rather than actively seeking to interfere in the conflicts. These active versus passive acts have been debated within and without Nilarian orders to find a way to aid their Goddess in Her quest.
The God of:
Church / Cult:
The Eight Pantheons
The Nilarian Church of Nilaminra
The White Dove
The White Cat
The White Rose
The Light's Beacon
Oh Lady of Peace and happiness,
Help me live without fear,
Help me be helpfull to others,
Help me and guide me in life's challenges,
My Lady Nilari, let Peace, prosperity and Your light be a beacon to all.
Nilari is depicted as a young woman with golden short hair. She is always dressed in a white robe, cloak and hood with blue accents. She can be shown as hiding Her face or be shown open. She always carries a smile of forgiveness and sincerity to the one She looks upon. Most likely she also appears with her staff or The Light's beacon surrounding Her.

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