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The War for Marlun

Eternal conflict. A thousand years. Two sides. Conclusion at a hand?
Poem by Mormirn, 2533 V.D
The war that has shaped Nimenra for the last millennia. Truly it has for some never existed during their lifetime but it has always been a threat behind the darkest corner of the mountains. The War for Marlun, the Demon Incursion or the Grand War of Marlun, have never ended in the eyes of both species that still battle in it. While times of peace has been a reality, no peace is forever until the formality of a treaty or the destruction of one side of the conflict is done.
Once again it has reignited into open conflict. The Demons and Humans marching to face one another again. But perhaps this time, there will be a final conclusion...
Conflict Type
Start Date
Circa 1400 V.D

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