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King of Nekuram Ricus

As not the crown prince who took the throne, Ricus is the King of Nekuram who was chosen above his cousin, prince Issra. He is the late king's nephew through the king's brother. While a popular king due to his cousin's insanity and other personal problems, he is at the same time seen as weaker than he should be as Arthon rules as an all-doing regent for the king.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sturdy yet might seem like having a small stature; Ricus is very capable after his many years of acrobatics and training in various body arts. He has a fame for being good on the eye to look at and in his youth was always with a small smile, that these days now are more of a still, unemotional line.

Identifying Characteristics

Ricus has small scar tissues from lacerations around his face, much larger are those on one of his arms where he broke his arm and was forced to set it in place with the help of the Exilos. He also has a black tattoo on his hand stretching from the wrist to the stem of his fingers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ricus was born to the brother of the late king of Nekuram, destined to become a Prince of Nekuram for all his life but also probably becoming a duke and member of the council. Ricus was a quick and studious child that made him a personal favourite of his uncle, the King of Nekuram who otherwise was at odds with his brother. In his youth years, the king usually made it his favourite to explore his father's or his uncle's castles which made his mother mostly a scared woman. His nannies were afraid that the young prince was going to kill himself if left unchecked which made him have one of them after him all the time. This would even continue as he grew up to eight years of age, where he would injure and break his arm during a fall from one of Angedurn's inner roof structures to prove that he could climb. Even so, he was much beloved for his demeanour as a kind and "good boy" figure of the court and became good friends with both his own family members and other nobles' children.
The year after his broken arm, the king would bring an unusual child to the court: a half-demon named Arthon who he had seen himself was very capable of magic. While most of the court saw Arthon as the joke of an ageing man's mind, the young Ricus and his Issra and Iris didn't see Arthon as that. Despite that children usually can be mean and even at some times evil amongst demons children, Arthon grew up with Ricus and his family as an adopted member of an extended family. Arthon was, of course, not officially adopted (because that would be scandalous and a slight against demonkind) but this didn't bother Ricus, who would protect his friendship with Arthon as they grew up. When Arthon eventually would be taught more and more by the great wizard, mage and Exilos Issdar as time went on while Ricus and his cousins would grow up and be taught to become king and courtiers. At the age of 20, Ricus was becoming more and more promising as he attended the great academy in the capital and would be a strong fighter and magic-user. Many saw him as a strong figure, the next generation's backbone so to speak. As his father was ageing he would take his place in the capital and within Angedurn's walls as he was a member of the royal family and focused mind that kept order in the court. During this time he would meet Verit Declas, a small-time nobleman and upgoing courtier in the council that had shown himself much capabell as a strategist and advisor for the king. While Ricus had since his younger days become more and more suspicious around people in the court, Declas seemed like a far less concern for him.
There were however problems in the family. Issra, the cousin of Ricus, was becoming more and more unsuitable as a Crown Prince and having more and more problems with his mental health. Ricus would even have to strike down Issra in 2537 once after that Issra had seen "ghosts of the castle" that had come to kill him. Ricus, however, believed that it was only a period for his cousin and that he would become better.
This change did not seem to come, however. As the late king of Nekuram would die in 2539, succession was in order. Even if Issra had questionable quality, he would have the support from one of many of the late king's close advisors, Arthon who had shown himself very capable in matters of state and others despite being half-blooded. Even the nobleman like Verit Declas supported the Crown Prince. But Arthon would shock everyone when he presented Prince Ricus as his choice of successor to the throne. At the time, many were not liking the idée of Arthon not supporting Issra, many saw inheritance as a stone foundation that was unchangeable except in the most desperate and dangerous circumstances. Even Ricus was opposed to the idée. But Arthon was right in a way still, Ricus was more suitable and when Arthon eventually produced a testament from the late king. After that, many saw Ricus as the natural choose instead of a half-insane young man who could not concentrate for a second on a simple task. Ricus stood before a choice of denying or accepting and choose to accept the responsibility of kingship for the best of Nekuram.King Ricus first order was to appoint Arthon as the Regent of Nekuram, the equality of a prime minister or head chancellor for many human nations. This was seen by many as what Arthon wanted, especially Verit Declas. The second order was that reforms were to be made to all the systems of Nekuram but foremost was the military to be reformed, all according to what Regent Arthon proposed... The reign of King Ricus had begun but so had the reign of the Half-demon Strategist too...

Wealth & Financial state

As the top of the ruling elite, the king of Nekuram and leader of the country, Ricus has a lot of wealth. Whatever coffers he uses, his clan/family's or the countries, he is able to purchase pretty much everything he wants if he wants it and if he was that kind of man.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • King of Nekuram
  • King of Demons
  • Clan/Family leader of XX
  • Prince of Nekuram
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
2515 V.D. 28 Years old
Current Residence
Dark, redish brown
Long, raven purple hair with one tassel bound on each side in front of his ears
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
A darker shade of brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You never seem to fail me Arthon"
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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