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The Palace of Nekuram

Angemdurn, or The Palace of Nekuram, is where the King of Demons, the King of Nekuram and the Demon Lord resides and rules from. Originally it might have been a great fortress, now it serves as the location where the king rules from and lives with his family.

Purpose / Function

The Palace of Nekuram was once upon a time the castle and later fortress during the Diapol- and Dominium-times. As seen by the original structure that is the main keep and the second keep, the Palace of Nekuram was probably from the start the home to powerful pre-nobility and warlords during these times of instability and discord. The village and later town/city would grow and be destroyed several times but not the castle, meaning that the castle was important whoever was in control of it.
Later, probably after the Nekuram was formed, it was turned from a fortress into the home of the king and it's family since the frontier was moved or something similar according to history. The name Angedurn is believed to have been the original village and/or towns name and thus became the palaces name.


Main Keep

The main keep was built before much of the palace, as seen by the earliest architecture and inscriptions that remain in the library. The Keep is built to be a castle and fortress from the start with blackened stone and grey wooden beams among the bearing features. As many old Nekurian structures, the side view of a talon from a bird is inscribed in the headstone of valves and outdoor gateways. What makes the main keep even more special from other buildings of the same time period is that the wing of a Dragonphoenix is depicted in the background of the talon in a sharp in a faint red colour. The main keep seems to have never been razed since many parts have been thoroughly taken care of by stoneworkers who have remarked on the interior and exterior's building works as something they only can replicate and not build themselves.  

Secondary Keep

One keep was not enough during one time period for Nekuram which made the castle and first keep an even more fortress-like structure. The Secondary keep, or fore-keep as you could call it, was built during a time when the Palace was on the frontier of a war between demons themselves. Built as a defensive secondary wall and to protect a small garrison of troops, the secondary keep was built in a strong rock, Grantight, that was scorched to match the main keep. Due to the keep now being more of a fortress the secondary walls were made a lot thicker and inside was long hallways with equipment ready for battle and lookout points. Three towers were also built, all of them probably housing ballistas or even small catapults. This seemed not to help a few times when the castle was probably captured and during that time the walls were partially destroyed around the same time as the village has been. It is unknown, however, if the original walls later were completely razed in favour of a new style or the new occupants, as they differ from the interior of the main keep in that the black structure has more green and yellow appearance in the stone to them meaning also the once who built them didn't think of seeing the secondary keep as a fortress. Perhaps the oddest is that the stone used for the secondary keep is not found naturally close to the Palace but was probably brought from the south.  

Final structure (Overall)

After some time the keep and the secondary keep seemed like they were not on the front lines and probably even secure since now the castle/fortress had seen its glory days of war and was turned into a palace for nobility. The inner walls of the main keep are now decorated with symbols of the current reigning king's dynasty, the raven claw and crown at the top of the walls, under the toothlike merlons. These are only inscribed on the "front" while the south, east and west are naked.
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