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Verit Declas

Hereteg/Sir Verit Declas

It will only be in Arthon's benefit to make Prince Ricus king, why won't the members of state and advisors realise it?!
Verit Declas, as the now King Ricus was chosen over his cousin Prince Issra
Envy and contempt are not uncommon in Nekuram's court where the King of Nekuram reigns. Among his many advisors and the state, councillors exist several who are prominent. But only some are as prominent as Verit Declas, who has many times challenged the Regent of Nekuram Arthon ever since his appearance in court.

Personal History

Early years

Born to a noble father and mother of the middle aristocracy, Verit Declas was early in his lifetime working in the courts of Nekuram and a noble of the nobility estate and council. He received a quality education and was among the best of his peers and it was noted by the late king of Nekuram that Declas was of usefulness for the country. In his early 20s, he was put in charge of a notable case were nobles of the south quarrelled, so much in fact that it disturbed the country's stability as a whole and threatened to grow as more and more nobles tried to influence the situation in their favour. This was due to that the current Regent of Nekuram was at the time very ill, incapable of handling the situation for the king. The King was also too suspecting towards any of the nobles in his own court to handle the situation without it turning into a bloody conflict. More so, as monetary betting began to be more open amongst the nobility estate and council on which side was going to win, and even more civil war like-status in Nekuram was closer than ever.
As the shrewd man Declas was, he knew that he could solve the conflict at court. He began by disturbing nobles and their relationships to the point of them murdering others in secret. He used this murdering to challenge the nobles in front of the king with strong evidence against them. This lead to executions and imprisonment, even removal of nobility titles. This eventually made the court safe and stable again for Declas to raise and guide a force towards the south and threaten with action in the king's name. Two of four troubling families surrendered to Declas with his demands but the other wanted retribution from one and the other. Declas then forced them to meet each other and there, according to those who were at the site, promptly told them:
Either way, Your quarrel shall end here or otherwise I will find a way of settling this a peaceful way.
The head of the families did not take the threat too kindly and both angrily walked away...
The next day both were found very dead in their beds.
The feud in the south ended immediately after since no one understood the nature of the family heads' deaths.
And Decals returned as a saviour and was on his way to becoming a star politician in the court of Nekuram.

A king's death and a new rival

Verit Declas was not unchallenged in court afterwards but never was he under the pressure of the other various councillors, advisors and nobles that plotted and tried to get on the king's good side. While he was notably unable to push any of his own agendas in the form of policy or actions, he was a chief advisor and trusted by the king. But soon he would meet even one character that he was defeated by.
A young half-demon was the court's embarrassment and rising "doll" of the king's own choosing. For many among the nobility, he was a disgrace of existence, yet the king took the boy in, educated him and gave him one of the most terrifying teachers and beings as a mentor and guardian, for the rest of his four year period as a minor.
That half-being! It has no place in this world... no place even on the streets of any town of any country... Yet... why do I feel like he will be a threat...
Declas saw this boy turning into a man during his years as the man rose up the ladder of nobility, closer and closer to become the next regent of Nekuram. The boy was no threat according to many others, so why bother? Yet how wrong they were, when the king eventually appointed the young Arthon to become a close advisor to him...
When the late king died the year 2539 Delcas supported the quite unstable young son of the late king, Prince Issra as by principal of Nekuram's inheritance. But who else then the half-demon Arthon challenged Prince Issra's claim and supported the Prince's cousin Prince Ricus instead. Arthon was challenged and seemingly in the minority against Declas and many other veteran advisors to the late king and nobles... But when Arthon showed a testament with the king's last words to support Prince Ricus... Suddenly Delcas and the others were in the minority when one noble after another supported Prince Ricus. Declas's ambitions began to fall apart and as the last strike, the newly appointed King Ricus choose Arthon as his regent.
Declas was defeated by someone he already despised and even worse, he lost his chances to become something more than an advisor. A new rivalry was ignited the moment Arthon took Delcas's chances away from him and as close to equally accomplished and of equal minds as they are, Nekuram has more than a war to be worried about...

Physical Description

Special abilities

A strong magic user, having studied several disciplines of enchantment and wind spells.

Personality Characteristics


Having risen even above his father who was more like a minor noble than that of the status Declas today have, he seems to always look towards the position of Regent of Nekuram, which is currently held by Arthon. As always since Arthon took the role, he have a large desire for destroying Arthon's career with any means that he is capable of and at many costs that is not his.
With the reignition of The war for Marlun he has also dedicated time and interest to challenge Arthon's position as commander of the campaign and to win the conflict with a fast, strong and devastating victory against Mankind's alliance against Nekuram. He has several times put forward strategies to do so but all having been denied by either the king himself or Arthon.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  • A extremely tactical and shrewd mind
  • Strong aptitude for studying his interests and goals of his choosing
  • Leadership skills recognised in court as potential replacement for Arthon as Regent of Nekuram or as a leader of armies in a campaign


  • A capable mind but is know for sometimes going above his head...
  • ... And not to mention his patience is fine, but when enough is enough he will be angered and annoyed, a lot

Virtues & Personality perks

  • A patient and tolerant mind
  • Strong loyalty to the ones he sees as great leaders or great allies

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Some would call him petty with conflicts, having a winners mind which can go overboard in a conflict of ambitions...


Verit Declas

Rival (Vital)

Towards Arthon




Rival (Important)

Towards Verit Declas



Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Hereteg of the Nekumia
Year of Birth
2506 V.D. 37 Years old
Green, small
Shorter, Raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1,76 m
Quotes & Catchphrases
Victory once again, seemingly always, goes to Arthon ...
You are no more then a being that is even more insignificant than...
Known Languages
  • Lavi

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Oct 3, 2019 10:36

There are a few contradictions here... Like Declas getting nobles to murder each other and then claiming he will resolve the issue peacefully. His failure is an interesting one, as it seems largely his own doing, but I can't really tell what made him a good person, nevermind a good politician in the eyes of the people, or anyone.

Oct 4, 2019 16:30 by A

I agree with what you point at. His promise to make it peacefully is mostly surface to be honest but at the same time, he didn't really do anything of it. He manipulated the nobles against each other in secret, and then use the advantage of that to make him seem like a better being than the others and use investigation and the laws against the "murderers". In a way, he caused a lot more than many knows but gave results. And a "good" person is more like... "a-better-than-the-others-who-seems-like-are-at-each-other-all-the-time"-person for the court at the moment. At his time, he is one of the more decent people in court who can see the bigger picture rather than the conflicts at hand, think of almost a de-functioning feudal court where everyone wants power and a few wants to rule the country "properly" compared to the others. I might have to elaborate a bit more on his qualities as a politician... (And his failure is his personality flaw you're thinking about? Or I might me missing that you point at...)

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