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King of Necur

Those who have met the kings of Nekuram find that they are more humanlike then what is imagined among humanity. They are not all truly evil, they are not all tempests of anger and wrath... However... due to how few humans have met a king of Nekuram, calling them Demon Lord or the leader of demons have become more of a common practice due to how history remembers a majority of them...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The kings of Nekuram have always been feard by humans. Old history tells of the early kings capable of delivering massive casualties and destruction with both their martial skills and magic. This has given rise to the name "Demon Lord" rather the king for their menacing acts. The current King of Nekuram is Ricus.


Becoming the King of Nekuram and Necur is close to impossible for outsiders and in the history of Nekuram has never happened. The Crown prince of Nekuram is automatically next in line of succession, being the child or brother of the previous king. While exceptions have been seen, like in the case of Ricus ascension to the throne, a direct line exists to the first Demon King/Lord of Nekuram. While the choice has mostly been clear and accepted in history, the title has become the issue of civil war at times.


The history behind the title of King over Nekuram is filled with legend and tales, history is a complex wind for this subject. But try as some may, thousands of years have passed and most histories have become clouded and hard to tell. Even more so has The War for Marlun made history and legend meld together.

The beginning of millennia and conflict

For as many demons and humans can remember, and there are few races that live beyond 100 years, there has always been a Demon King of Nekuram, or King of Necur as it is documented in the early history and legend. While the title is older, the first king to appear before humanity was called the Demon Lord even in the Nekurian texts and is said to have fought every single human in Marlun a millennia before the current war. He and an army of hundreds of thousand demons fought humans and dwarfs for the control over Marlun. During a battle which was located in the eastern part of Marlun, the king died. His heir would lead a hurting defeat against humanity in the coming battles, losing thousands of lives in engagements all over the crater. With the second king's death only years later, the third came upon the throne during a time of unrest due to the war that by now was believed to had taken several decades of constant fighting. The third had to stabilise Nekuram, fighting both internal and an external enemy which in turn lead to the first ceasefires between humanity and demons.
But eventually, the war would continue and until this day, the conflict has not been resolved...

Notable Holders

The Demon Lord - The first king of Nekuram to meet humanity and who is said to have started The War for Marlun. He was called the Demon Lord even by the demons themselves, rather than King of Nekuram and Necur. His cruelty and evil were according to legend not sighted ever before and he was a strong fighter to the point of almost crushing humanity himself in battle.
Absolute (in affect)
Form of Address
King, Lord, Master (rare)
Alternative Naming
King of Nekuram, Demon Lord, King of Demons, Demon King
Equates to
The King of Necur has the same rank as the King of Ravero and close to the same power and authority.
Source of Authority
The nobility estates and people of Nekuram
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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