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The great lands that are Marlun, a vastness of hills, forests and resources that have been fought over for many centuries now. Demons, Humans and Dwarves have all died to claim peace on this continental landmass and one can ask: At what cost do we stop? At what point will warfare stop and Marlun become a part of something other than conflict and dreams?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Marlun is a landmass situated inbetween Telamirein to its north and Narzuvim to its south in which the current The War for Marlun is taking place. It is contested by both humans and demons from these two regions. It is surrounded on all sides by high mountains which have been a long time inhabited by dwarves and their Dwarven Kingdom.


Derivative of its alternative name "The Crater" Marlun is surrounded by high mountains on all sides. In its northern centre is the Israk, a volcano that has a history of unpredictable activity that has spawned a legend or two about it. To the west The Dwarven Kingdom holds a strong grip around what they call Asunndre. These mountains were hit strongly by The Great Quakes which shifted the landscape and decimated The Dwarven Kingdom. The eastern mountain chain is wealthy and mined for minerals and ore with old ruins of different enterprises scattered and an old Dwarven Hold that was abandoned after The Great Quakes. South is a smaller but still mostly intraversable mountain chain called Talustar. These mountains was once home to Dwarven towns and large mining operations before The Great Quakes devistated these mountains too. Nekuram claims today these mountains as their own with rich iron ore and mineral deposites.

The lands

Inside "The Crater" a sprawling mix of flats, hills, rivers and forests dote the large landscape that gives Marlun its life. Several notable geografical locations like the Border Hills, Israk's Forest and The Forest of Stone Spires are well known for both dangers, beauty and oppertunity unlike in Telamirein or Narzuvim. Inside Israk's Forest it is said that there is a large, clear blue lake that few have seen due to the beasts and monsters that roam and call the forest their home.
Alternative Names
The Crater (Everyday name from Ravero)
Caramnro (Nekurith)
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