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Giant Wolf

I have seen the Giant Wolf before, it is a terrifying sight indeed. Normal wolfs are like a cat next to them, towering like a Tatarus over a Dwarf. I am lucky to be alive after that encounter, though ten guards had to die protecting the caravan. — Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Wolfs are common predators stalking the forests all over Nimenra in search of prey, snatching both children and lamb from the pastures if they want. The more dangerous variant of this is the Giant Wolf, a real symbol of terror for many who live outside of the more populated areas. Even populated areas sometimes face this monster of a beast. Sharp teeth are capable of denting or even penetrating strong steel and skin that many sharp weapons have trouble dealing with.

Anatomy and features

At first glance, the giant wolf looks the same as its minor variant, the most prominent feature that separates them is its much larger size. While the common wolf reaches an average height of 80 centimetres, an adult giant wolf can reach twice that size, measuring upwards of 160 centimetres and a length of 2-3 meters. Their fluffy tail can become as long as 1,5 meters.


The legs of a giant wolf tend to be more muscular than the average wolf. This makes it so that they can reach speeds that are much, much faster than many other creatures on land, the only known rival are wild horses. These speeds make giant wolves particularly dangerous for anyone who faces them.


With their teeth they can bite through Human and Demon bones with ease. Two larger teeth on each side of the upper jaw are much more pointed so the giant wolf can "hook" its prey and drag them. These two are known to bite through steel armour, called "steel breakers" by hunters and soldiers alike.

The fur and skin of the giant wolf are tough and resilient. Slashing weapons like swords and axes can have trouble damaging the wolf. The use of blunt force works best with the use of hammers and maces to wear it down. In the end, however, distance and piercing weapons like pike, spear and bow and arrow do the best job since it forms somewhat of a distance from an attacking wolf, and are a bit more survivable odds...
Many differing types
15 years
Average Height
160-180 centimetres
Average Weight
180-200 kilograms
Average Length
2-3 meters (4-5 meters with tail)
Geographic Distribution
Prominant and common traits
Sharp, armour penetrating teeth
Thick skin, resistant to sharp weapons
Leadership ability amongst wolves

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Social structure

Giant wolves are most often than not lone predator that attacks quickly but remains as they usually do not drag away their prey anywhere. Since it has few other enemies it can remain without fear. Gryphons close to the Israk Mountain chain can sometimes be seen attacking and competing with giant wolves for prey. They also defend their own fiercely and are effective at working together against lone giant wolves. This is not limited only to Telamirein but also happens on Marlun's side of the mountains. Here, however, there are other predators competing too, with Gravlocks even hunting giant wolves as food. In Narzuvim, the giant wolf is not close to being the top predator and instead faces other more dangerous beasts with Arroggaden and others only native to that part of the continent.
However, everything changes when a giant wolf adopts a pack of smaller normal wolves. This has been seen happening on multiple occasions as if the giant wolf coordinates the wolves to be much more dangerous adversaries. These giant wolves seem to take on a leadership role amongst the pack, ruling over the smaller variant with harsh discipline such as punishing with brandings and exile. The pack tend to be bolder too, attacking settlements in search of food and even attacking larger opponents. Giant wolves have been seen able to mate with their smaller variant if needed, which produces a cross between the two but more likely produces ordinary wolves.
The even more dangerous version of the above is when multiple giant wolves form a pack. No more than five at a time, these can render villages deserted and in ruins in a matter of minutes. They are more common in Narzurvim due to the other predators that hunt them but do exist even in Telamirein very rarely.

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