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Necur/Demon (nekʊər)

Necur are fascinating, if I may write so. They are very similar in character to humans of those I have met. I still, though, see them as... hostile or unfriendly in nature. Not evil as others have called them... As I have spoken to them, they tend to be outwards cold towards me. Perhaps the demon-human conflict has followed us for so long that it affects them as much as humans. Perhaps it is fair for them to be hostile? They are, after all, people and emotional beings as well...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Demons, or Necur as they call themselves, are the most widespread species in Narzuvim. Necur refers to the whole species with their many varieties and the ones that closely resemble Humans in appearance. Necur is according to history the originator of many of the other Necur races.


Necur are similar to humans in their appearance. They are bipedal and have no obvious scale or appearance difference like Dwarfs or Tatarus. However, the most notable difference between Humans and Necur is the darkened skin that they have that ranges from auburn tones to dark purples. Demons tend to be taller as well, the average being 1,75 - 1,90 meters for men and 1,70 - 1,80 meters for women. Hair colours follow the black to light browns as with humans. Blond hair colour is rare but does occur. Blond demons are characterized as evil, odd and cold by other demons.
There is also a high chance amongst demons that they have some feature that is not a common occurrence. Two different coloured eyes, unique skin tones, small horns, scaly skin, ear shapes and even in rarer circumstances they have tails like the succubi. These mutations are not frowned upon too much in general if they don't divert too much from the general demon.


While similar in appearance (most of the time) to humans, necur do have a more natural magical ability than humans. It is close to second nature for most demons to use magic. There are limitations, however, to their abilities. Few are capable to become strong magic users for a livelihood without practice and training. Schools in demon society are closely regarded as only for the nobility or wealthy. Innate strong magic users exist too and are regarded as prime candidates as court wizards, advisors and schoolers since almost any wizard has a good head for reading and learning. Wizards also are frequently in service to the Nekuram's Army.
While magic is innate to demons they have not adapted much of society for its use. Tools for farming, for example, do their job for a good harvest while magic users can aid in predicting rain and help in its growth to some extent. Endurance is also a factor since an untrained but strong innate user that has no practice is still of little use when they fall over tired after trying to call for rain or force wheat to grow. The biggest difference between a good magic user is the ability to control their magic use and their stamina beyond their spell knowledge.
Demons also share the common trait of having sharp eyes. This enhances their ability to distinguish detail at longer distances.

The Necur of Many

Necur is the most plenty amongst the demonkind though they differ from region to region and thus form different ethnicities. And Necur and Humans seem share this adaptibility to the world around them. From Central Nekuram and the home to all Necur and the capital of Nekuram to the eastern province and dense forests of Galdurmia, the demons have spread and acclimated to the surrounding challenges with their more native counterparts. The differences can be both large and small. In Central Nekuram larger towns have become more common the last few centuries with still a large rural population. But close to Central Nekuram in the Tarus Plains, there are next to no larger hubs of population. Many small villages exist in there where large fields of animal herds are protected by both Tatarus and Necur.
Official name
Common name
Common physical description
Tall and average muscled with auburn skin.
Average Lifespan
80 years
Average Height
1,70m — 1,90m
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
Related Myths

Originator Species?

Schoolers believe that Necur is the progenitor species to all of the Necurkin, or demonkind as is the common name. This means that the very different species like the Tatarus, Salendite, Urukin and even Vampires are related to each other and the Necur. This belief stems from the fact that they all share the common myth of The Protection and that Krakos took them in and placed them all together in Narzuvim. Even if the evidence is only myth, the long-forgotten past of Narzuvim, Nekuram and even Nimenra, in general, have nothing to support a counterargument. Thus as an example, the Tatarus was a specialized warrior class originating from demons created by the Gods for what was The War of The Gods.

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