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Erwen axero! (For Dwarfkind!)

I have met many of their kind. Stubborn, suspicious and very headstrong are the unmistakable terms I would use for all of them. Their communal lives make them be more alike each other than they themselves realize and compared to Humans find more common ground to work together. Then there are the occasional feuds that can go on for generations. There is also their pride... hurt that and you will never know the end of it.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Dwarfs, called Erwen by themselves, are a hardy people that comes from the mountains of Asunndre where their own country, The Dwarven Kingdom lies. Dwarfs and Humans share a close bond and history, having had contact for many, many centuries and flourished in this contact with one another. Their mountain homes have been bastions of their traditions and lives for as long as their written and oral history can retell. However, their latest tragedy have sent many into isolation in the same mountains to recover what is left of the once proud race that inhabited mountains as far south as Talustar.


"A race of short men" is a typical sentence said by the soon-dead man insulting a dwarf...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Dwarfs are a bipedal, short (compared to Humans and Demons) and sturdy species living in Nimenra. Not many have a height beyond their average of 1,40 meters but they compensate for this by being tough and hardy people, many capable of carrying and lifting well above their size comparing both to humans and demons. They have a wide range of colours in their skin tones but most have an olive or reddish tone even if they were to be as white as Humans. Rarer are grey-skinned dwarfs that are so few to be considered a different race of Dwarfs. Hair colours trend towards redder variations of human hair, with even the darkest-haired dwarf having a red shine to them.
Men and women share little differences outwards beyond breast size and lack of facial hair.


As mentioned before, Dwarfs are strong, capable of carrying more than their size displays and both humans and demons have had their share of being on the wrong side of that strength. Their robustness makes them able to take on heavy blows even without protection from blunt force trauma. This is attributed both to the stubborn nature of dwarfs but also to the environment their species originates from, having lived inside and outside the mountains where dangers from falling rocks are the most deadly of all beyond the wildlife. With age, this hardiness slowly fades but does not make Dwarfs brittle as a cracked mountain spine.
Dwarfs do not lack the magical abilities of Humans and Demons. It is, however, notably weaker. This is again attributed to the mountains (or some unknown intervention from a Other God). A Dwarf with magic affinity is able to use magic through runes. Runes, in a short description, are a way for Dwarfs to manifest magic into an item. To do this they use Runic Chisels which are one of many venerated items for this reason and a strong magic-wielding dwarf are honoured both living and as ancestors. Dwarfs in The Dwarven Kingdom, according to exiles and migrants, thus tend to ignore magic use in their day-to-day lives and instead Runesmithes tend to be a profession amongst the smiths and traders.
Official name
Common name
Common physical description
Short compared to Humans (under 1,5 meters) and robust.
Average Lifespan
200 years
Average Height
1,30m — 1,45m
Geographic Distribution

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