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Welcome to Worldkeymaster/NotWorldkeymaster (Yes, I have been called the last one). I am A, one of the two who uses the name Worldkeymaster. So, I am A or you can call me Worldkeymaster here. I am an on-and-off writer.
Before joining WorldAnvil, I had written about 10 complete drafts of books around 200-300 pages with a variety of worlds. At the moment, I am writing a new novel which is why I am here and writing articles from time to time for the world Nimenra. I am from Sweden, that is why you will see that all the articles I write with no [English] on them will be incomprehensible for you if you don't know Swedish. However, many articles will be in English because I find it easier to read for some reason...
I write mostly fantasy, which been also called relationship novels as those have mainly taken place in a school (Except four of them). I have also written some Star Wars fan-fiction in English and imagined it as an alternative universe from the canon and legends format by Disney.

Favorite Movies

The Star Wars Saga. I do however have no favourite among them I think.

Favorite TV Series

Star Wars the Clone Wars and The Mandalorian My Hero Academia

Favorite Books

Star Wars: Thrawn series (You see a pattern yet?)

Favorite Games

Dynasty Warriors series (except nine, let's not talk about DW9...)