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Great masters of nature and craft, but it is not often to meet one outside of Nekuram as I did. The bulk and size of a Tatarus make them seen more as warriors than herders and herbalists as I was told many are.
Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A sub-species of the Necur, Tatarus is one of several Necurian species that have evolved to be unrecognizable from their originator. A bipedal and animallike species, Tatarus are mostly seen as harmless men and women in the present who have because of their history and a cultural lifestyle lived mostly in their own towns and communities in the central parts of Nekuram, The Tarus Plains.


Tatarus have animal-like features and don't look similar to Necur at all. They stand between 2,1 - 2,25 meters for males and for females 1,8 - 2,1 meters on two legs. Their equally muscular physique is common among them. Their heads are similar to that of cows with horns on top that range from 0,4 meters on average for men to 0,3 meters for women. Their hair grows between these horns often in long strands, ranging in colours from reds to blacks. Blond is extremely rare and in the past have been seen both as cursed children or blessings depending on the time period these have been born.
Their anatomy has evolved to be more that of a bull or bovine cattle (something they find fun to be compared to?). With large muscular tissues running across their backs, many are good at hauling heavy loads. The two horns protruding from the side of the forehead can be of different shapes that some have even been able to shape to their design. The horns also grow back slowly if broken off but around their 40s this slows down considerably. Their large legs end with hoves and with their large arms and fingers they can crack the hardest nuts and some even trees. Internally they have a strong skeletal structure over the chest area and in the legs, however, the arms remain of the same structure as that of a Necur even with the added muscles. Most of their strength thus comes from their lifestyle.

Government and Culture

While under the official rule of Nekuram. The Tatarus have their own leadership in the form of The Tatarenus Councils. The King of Nekuram holds formal control over the region but leaves the Councils to govern the area that the Tatarus call their home. The Tarus Plains have been under their control for centuries and few have questioned their leadership ability.
A council usually consists of either an elected body or the elders of a nomadic tribe/family. These depend upon traditions, in the still relatively new de facto capital Dwyfoll there is an elected council consisting of many elders but also a determined number of young Tatarus to allow for new and young ideas.
Tatarus society still practise to a large degree a nomadic lifestyle all over the plains. A few locations are still common grounds for continuous settlement, both religious and historical locations are well-visited and house tribes every time of the year. It is only in the last two centuries that permanent settlements have started to form in the plains themselves. Dwyfoll is only as recent as 125 years old and it was founded due to demand from the King of Nekuram so he could visit and hold council with the Tatarus leaders.


As I have come to understand it... The Necur and Taturus have a troubled history far back in the past... Apparently, Tatarus was not the friendly kind they are today, far from it I fear to understand.
Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Official name
Common name
Average Lifespan
75 years
Average Height
2,0m — 2,2m
Average Weight
100-120 kg
Geographic Distribution
Marlun (few)

Quotes from themselves:

We all live like a big family. Only ever do women get married off to another nomadic but few do these days. Males... I mean men stayed to protect their own kin. The old traditions also made me travel away for I wanted to be of use... I mean benefit for others. The herbalistic ability I have heard is needed here more than ever, especially now that war is so close to us...
— Färur Thunderhorn

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Author's Notes

One of the Necurian species of Nekuram. I want to know what people want me to explore and/or explain about them as I try to write again after a long hiatus. Also, thanks for any kind comments! (Yes, they are inspired by the Tauren from World of Warcraft, and minotaurs...)

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