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Gryphon {English}

Few ever live when they have seen the mighty Gryphon fly across the sky and dive down towards them. But there are situations one do survive. It is when they have a man seated in a harness upon them. The Telarians from the Kingdom of Telaron have tamed these fascinating beasts. Their claws are like razors in both wind and flesh, their beaks like the piercing of a pick against the mountain. No mount, and no other wild animal in the Israk Mountains, can be as terrifying and dangerous as this half-bird, half-giant cat.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A beast that is as beautiful as its a danger to the people who live close to the Israk's Moauntains, Gryphons live both on the northern and southern side of the mountains that separate Telamirein and Marlun. They are a flying, quadpedal beast with a wingspan that can reach as large as three and a half meters and soar across the sky at an alarming speed, faster than many horses can gallop. Their cries send chills down the spine of their enemies and some breeds even have feathers that ins as strong as steel.

A beast and bird of prey in one

The gryphon stands on four fur-covered legs with five talons on the front two. The claws are known to be able to cut open a man easily as any weapon with little resistance. Their beaks can crack skulls of men and animals and some are known to very easily pierce steel armour. They usually hunt prey like wolves and smaller game, rabbits and as small as squirrels but are omnivores as they can eat vegetables and salads. When hunting they have acute senses in finding prey, capable of spotting them from several hundreds of meters in the air. Their eyes can track a single prey for a half-hour before striking down with incredible speed. This has makes them a good shook and scare cavalry as no other known flying cavalry exists.
The body of a gryphon is large enough for two men to be seated on. They have a strong spine and muscles that allow them to carry animals upwards of 100 kilograms. This makes them second to the larger Gravlocks who are known to be able to carry both an armoured horse and man.

Reproduction and lifespan

The sexual reproduction of a gryphon is similar to that of other mammalians through intercourse between a female and male. The female gives six months later birth to a live "Grin" that grows up to an adult in about four years. In this time they learn hunting and flying within the first two years before becoming more and more independent while reaching sexual maturity during the last two.
Matting behaviour exists between males and females where both of them can "court" the other. These dramatics appear as dances and bowing of the head to the other while giving food and presenting themselves in a clean and prideful way. Bred and raised gryphons shows similar behaviour patterns as if it is learned by nature. Gryphons can both mate for life and not, the relationship can change between the creatures that make them separate as noted by schoolers. Many gryphons can have upwards of eight "grins" in a lifetime.
The average lifespan of a gryphon is between twelve and fifteen years. In their waning years, their feathers become greyer and less colourful similar to Human's and Demon's hair. It is rarer for them to reach this stage in nature when not cared for. Still, a thirteen-year-old gryphon is a fierce opponent capable of fighting off several soldiers or animals. This is also why they are respected animals.

The riders of Gryphons

Telaron is the only country in the all of Nimenra that have been able to tame and utilise the pride and wild beast. These tamed beasts are mostly used as their own specialised cavalry. Called simply Gryphon Knights, the training and bonding between a knight and gryphon is a tedious and long process for many and takes three years. The knight themselves have to take care of a young Grif from at its latest the third year before it gets too much independence. The process of bonding creates a lifetime friendship between rider and gryphon even after the knight passes on the gryphon to caretakers when the bonding is completed, although regular communication and visits are required as with any friend. The difference is that this friend might get upset and tear one apart if they are seemingly forgotten.
If Telaron will ever share their secret is unknown but the Gryphon Knights are a terrible weapon used against invaders. In battle, gryphons use all their natural weapons, even their wings, to attack at the request of the rider and for self-preservation. The knights are probably responsible for why Telaron is still an independent country stuck between three much larger countries.
Gryphons have also seen use as messenger beasts similar to horse couriers and as beasts of burden to transport wares, though the last option is incredibly rare as few non-nobles and military have access to the gryphons. The ones that have them as personal pets and carriers are the ones capable of paying, or braving the mountains themselves, to find a young Grif from its mother.

Gryhpon by Unknown (Grady P Brown?)

Wild Gryphon (Brown, Dark Brown pelt)
Red Gryphon (Red-white feathers, Red pelt, larger claws)
Geographic Distribution
Israk Mountain-chain 
Parts of northern Marlun
The Grey Road
Knights of Telaron (Gryphon Knight)
  Aspiring to become a Gryphon Knight is a noble goal and close to impossible for a peasant without good animal kinship and combat ability. The knights are famed for the red-blue cape that they have in battle even in the danger of having them caught or dragged down by enemies.
Notable knights have had famous myths surround them and their gryphon, like the said first Gryphon Knight Alderin.

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