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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a species of working animal
A total of 676 entries

Hippopotamus - The River Horse

Would you like a soulpup?

The Tannery Terriers

Stormsteed/ Stormmare

Griffon of the Watch

Mischief Magicus Rats

794.II, 18 Floii: Wayfaring peagons

Domesticated Hippopotamus

Underdark Beasts of Burden

Yagakit: Grounded Walkers

Brawndrogher, "Brawnies"

Axe-Beak Riding Birds

Steelhorn Rhinoceros

Working Animal - Kualt

Quetzals - Prompt #4 A Species of Animals

Sulramil - Desert Turtles

The Murky Nightmare Whale

Canthorn Umber Hulks

Sakamohr Horse

Dalivur Draft Horses

Lesser Elementals / Spirits

Earthen Dragons of the Ilodoan Empire

Domesticated dolphin

The Tusked Kiloka

Halfling Work Ponies

Giant Domestic Honeybee

Skreea, the Ether-Owl

Bos primigenius concordianus

Falhage Terrepees

The Feline Hunting Companions of the Veterzemlyan Rangers {WASC 2021}

Amorian Long Haired Highland

The Wyrms of Uskon

Ecureuil porte-nouvelle

Ivegers: Diving Lizards

Crawler Monkey, or Demon Monkey

Old Alba - Coastal Iele

Lansburg Shepherd

Lakeview Ox / Lek Vokar

Great Sylgadic Newt

Ilidari, the cuttest guardians

The Shambaling Strag

Échassier géant méridional

Sharks to defend the seas

Pencil-Pushing Pups

Elephants of Brahmaputra

Vermillion Ratsteed

Swiyyan Sticky Frogs

The Black Ravguar Griffons

Purple-Footed Fox

Jascaran Opaltooth Dragon

Kararehe Wairua - "Soul Beasts"

Merchant's Elephant

Ginroc - Field Lizard

Mo-o, Giant Salamanders

Adolescent Silk Moth

Coastal Ceratopsid

Messenger Lizards

Veliklosh, or Tyaz "Heavy" Horse

Giant Worker Bee

Emotional Support Animals

Channel Maintenence Crabs

Les maîtres du ciel

Cabra de Guerra de Heists

Domesticated Ayayu

Ochamelean Turtles

The Tervarman Horse

Turquoise Water-Wader

Tsiki Mountain Bore

Spitting Donkey Spiders

Deep Smelling Club Thumper

The Blue Dare Milking Cow

Rorozkyl - cocodrile

Burrowing Spicactii

Giant Rhinoceros Beetles

Prompt 4: Frost Hound

The Servitors of Wexmadios Galaxy

Shone Moon Centipede

Spire Glider Griffon

Yiaɦoted {Reithunde}

Valtan Funeral Steed

The Incredible Edible Green Goo

Gizzard Motes - Ventricufoederis Comesitus

Cats in the Dark Lands

The flying mesenger

Brush Moustache Fish

Drekiforada or The Night Mare

Darcani Pseudodragon

Zakamblia Watchdogs

Two-Frilled Sandrunner Lizard

Sapient Filtering Agar

Brunnian Gardener's Goose

Elefante lanudo

Ruby-crowned woodpecker

Red Plains Quetzals