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Basic Information


Giant ant looking insectoids with 12 leg's that look more like tentacles than traditional insectoid limbs, there head is big and looks like a fusion between the head of a hornet, Moth, and worm, they have huge wings that look like those of a moth with chitin feathers. there body is covered in chitin and are blue, and purple with hints of red and yellow.

Growth Rate & Stages

Despite being the spacefaring species with shortest lifespan, Miyth reproduce extremely fast and can inhabit worlds that are to hot for Wyvernis, and to cold for Keapers, it only takes 10 months for a newly inhabited world of 100 Miyths to build up a stable infrastructure.

Ecology and Habitats

Miyth are the most adaptable species in the known universe, they can effectively live anywhere with some sort of food. Once miyth arrive on a habitable planet they dig huge tunnels all over the surface of the planet that can be 50 miles deep. These tunnels can act as anything they might need, from houses to mines to reproductive chambers.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Queen drone controls all the Prince drones of the species, the prince drone controls every miyth on a planet and can force miyth to turn into other breeds of miyth. All other types of miyth are all treated as little more than a resource that they have to many of.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Miyth hives are often used by other nattions as a semi-free resource production colony.

Average Intelligence

Miyth drones (Excluding Queen, Brain, And Prince drones) are only intelligent enough to preform basic tasks like foraging and mining, Brain drones are smart enough to do whatever there Prince needs them to do.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Smell (Antenna), Sight, Hearing, Touch.
Scientific Name
Milit Miynl
10 years
Average Height
0.6-1 yard
Average Weight
200 lb
Average Length
2.6-3 yards
Average Physique
Most Miyth drones are only strong enough to carry 40 lbs, there shells are very soft and wont protect them from damage, and there limbs break very easily. There mandibles are however sharp enough to chop wood. Soldier drones on the other hand have very tough shells that almost rival keapers in toughness, there mandibles can cut steel and a few can even cut titansteel.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

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