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Swiyyan Sticky Frogs

Written by Mels

Jade Timber sighed as she left her home, still hung over from the previous night's festivities and approached her foreman's tent to retrieve her tools for the days work of foraging amongst the forest trees. "I told you to take it easy, didn't I?" Locust of the Mountain chided as she entered, causing the Tabaxi to scoff. "Well if you'll take one piece of advice from me today just make sure you secure your sticky frogs, alright?" Jade nodded absentmindedly as she dipped her hands into the pool of bulbous amphibians.

Basic Information


Breviceps Viscosi have a bulbous, stubby body measuring 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length with four short legs with three toes on each foot. These frogs have large, dark eyes and a wide mouth downturned into a characteristically frowning expression. The entire body is a dark brown or black color and ridged with thousands of tacky bumps. The body is so round that the face does not tend to extend out from the body, making the entire creature appear spherical. The skeletal structure of these frogs seems to be comprised of a hard cartilage as the bones are able to bend and move without appearing to cause any harm to the animal.

Genetics and Reproduction

Similar to some species of seahorse, when a mating couple unite and the female's eggs are fertilized, she will deposit them into the mouth of the male who is able to tuck the eggs into a subdermal pouch just inside his mouth. The eggs are then kept within the males pouch for a period of approximately two weeks until the tadpoles are ready to hatch and leave the safety of their father's mouth. The amount of eggs laid by the female varies between 20 and 30 per breeding season, with each egg measuring approximately 5mm in diameter. In some cases, the amount of eggs causes the male to swell to accommodate the eggs, greatly reducing the mobility of the father incubator.

Growth Rate & Stages

After the initial 2 week gestation period of the eggs within the father's pouch, tadpoles are deposited into a water source and follow a common frog growth cycle as they develop the limbs required to move on land. This growth period takes approximately 3 weeks to complete; mature Swiyyan Sticky Frogs are identifiable by the sticky bumps all across their bodies, which are the last characteristic to form.

Ecology and Habitats

Breviceps Viscosi are typically found in a rainforest climate as they require consistent moisture to hydrate their scabrous skin. They usually reside either high in trees hidden beneath leaves or on the forest floor, burrowed in damp mud near a water source.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The diet of Swiyyan Sticky Frogs consists of a mixture of small insects, beetles and larvae. It hunts by locating its prey and quickly drawing it into its mouth using long, sticky, retractable tongues.

Additional Information


Over time, Swiyyan Sticky Frogs were recognized for their ability to grip surfaces with their tacky skin texture despite incredible resistance. It was discovered that humanoids can insert their digits into the egg pouches of these frogs and then use them to gain immense grip on steep on even completely vertical surfaces. For this reason Breviceps Viscosi were domesticated and are now bred for use in scaling steep surfaces.

Facial characteristics

"Frowning" expression

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Southwestern Swiyya

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These creatures seem to have sensory abilities comparable to other amphibians but tend to primarily rely on sight to hunt and move around.
Scientific Name
Breviceps Viscosi
4-5 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
1-1.5 inches
Average Weight
20 g
Average Length
1.5-2 inches
Average Physique
Bulbous, Relatively Immobile
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark brown or black


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