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Cavity Beast

A dystopian merger of animals, featuring a peppering of genetic modification, this "cow-like being" (Legally, they are unable to refer to them as Cows) is a form of artificially created beast of burden. Being Bio-printed, their exteriors (and some of their interior components) are completely customizable. Most popular are the sheep and cow paintworks, however patterns such as Zebra, Tiger, and even Tie Dye are availible.   The beast works thusly; Their skeleton and flesh are printed around a steel composite frame, which is fuzed around their spine. Mechanisms in the the beast's ribcage are designed to open out, providing 2 discrete storage compartments (Opened as one would expect a gull wing door to open), lined with self-cleaning biofibers. The body is then animated by the introduction of a brain harvested from a cow-dog hybrid. Docile enough to be a non-issue, obedient enough to follow. Emotions are fully overridden, keeping only food and electronic impulse as their sole desires.   When the Cavity Beast is wanted to follow, an owner simply activates an electrical chip. The unique signal in the device is designed to connect to only one beast, and will encourage the beast to follow.   You may be asking; why this? Why not simply a motorized suitcase. Well, on Lodan Novus, Genetic Modification and how it's limits may be pushed are in fashion - and has been for years now. Discordant beings such as this, amalgums of machine and animal, are the norm among those who wish to show that they, too, are on the cutting edge.

Basic Information


This beast has a hollow compartment in it's midsection, it's organs minimal and seperated to the front and back of the beast.   It's skeleton features 2 "spines", one for carrying data, the other more akin to a sternum that connects back to the first "spine", creating a basket effect when viewed as a skeleton only. It's skeleton is printed around a strong metal casing, increasing the sturdiness but also the weight. To counter this, the beast features a large heart and lungs, with muscles designed for maximum efficiency. It's intestine runs through the interior of the lower body, with it's waste designed to act as a potent, odorless fertilizer.

Genetics and Reproduction

This species can only reproduce through being printed. The end products fully lack all sex organs.

Growth Rate & Stages

This species is printed at it's adult size, designed to maintain it's being for a minimum of 5 years.   Beyond 5 years, the creature may continue to "operate", but may experience "Degredation" in owners who have not shelled out for additional parts.   The life span can be roughly doubled should the "top of the line parts" be selected.

Ecology and Habitats

This species is engineered to operate on the slightly lower gravity of Codai Minorus. Operations on most planet's surfaces would result in it's body collapsing under it's own weight.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The beast primarily consumes BioFeed, sold by Minorus Advancements. In a pinch, it can consume standard vegetation - however it is not trained to recognize this as food and cannot generate as "pure a grade of waste" on such a diet.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

This creature is equipped with eyes on the front, back, and sides of it's head, giving it a full 360 vision. It has also been implanted with a chip that presents the being with the ability to see - and thus follow - the signal tuned to it's lifelihood.
Scientific Name
Fectum Taurus-Aries Novus
Codai Minorus
10 years
Conservation Status
This species is currently domesticated, and has been since it began to exist.
Average Height
1.8-2.3 meters
Average Weight
1800kg - 2000kg depending on model
Average Length
2.3 meters to 2.8 meters.
Geographic Distribution

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