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"Sailneck" is the colloquial term for a species of, as the humans calls them, "dinosaur" found in the misty jungles of the continent sometimes called the Land of Teeth. The animals of this continent are not the dinosaurs from ancient human myths but because the resemblance is similar enough that tends to be the word humans use for them.   Like other so-called dinosaurs the sailnecks are covered in thick scales that cover their entire bodies. They have six thick legs that support their massive fifty thousand pound frames as well as long whip-like tails that can split a tree in two with a single deadly flick. Their most striking attribute however is their neck. It is quite long, stretching for the full length of their torso at a sloping angle that leaves their skull high off the ground. More importantly however is the great, big dewlap that hangs from their throat. The size of the dewlap is such that it can be mistaken for the sail of a large ship, hence the species’ name.   The dewlap normally rests against the neck and is only slightly visible from a distance. When feeling threatened or seeking a mate however the sailneck will inflate their dewlap and cause it to spread out. Most commonly the dewlap is a mix of bright reds and oranges, but cooler colors have been seen as well. It is theorized that the color changing abilities of the sailneck are meant for communication, something their handlers take under great consideration when working with the impressively massive animals.   Only the dewlap seems able to change color however. The The creature is mostly a bright orange with a blotchy, black set of scales that run down from the head along the animal’s back down to the tail. The sailneck’s head and the last few feet of its tail are also black in coloration with smaller dark spots forming irregularly across the rest of the animal’s body.   Sailnecks are commonly domesticated all around the Churning World in spite of their origin. Whether traded for or simply stolen from their homes by skilled poachers they have quickly spread across the continents and became a staple beast of burden for many of the largest and wealthiest communities in the world. Their huge size makes their carry weight unparalleled and their nature as herbivores prevents them from being too aggressive to be trained. The massive amount of vegetation they need to consume daily prevents them from being owned by all but the wealthiest merchants and nobles however, and often times the wealth of a merchant is judged by how many sailnecks they have in their caravans.

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