The cerisumi were a species of large domesticated arachnids raised chiefly for their silk. They were an important part of the economy of multiple ancient elven kingdoms, but are believed to be extinct in the current day.


The wild ancestors of the cerisumi were native to the deep forests of eastern Rhyallias. The elves of the Kingdom of Boughs Ever Reaching began breeding the giant spiders, selecting for weaker poison and reduced aggression. After the discovery of a mutation where the spider's silk was not sticky, the trait was spread through all the clutters and the cerisumi were born. Cerisumi silk products and raw silk were the main exports of the Kingdom of Boughs Entwining. When the kingdom was destroyed in The Mishanter most cerisumi were killed, with the only survivors being a few clutters in the Forrest of Centrabrough within the Kingdom of Horizon Expanding. The population expanded over the next few centuries but were overtaken by the collapse of the Kingdom of Horizon Expanding. Caught inside the Forrest of Centrabrough as it devolved into the Wildwood, the cerisumi were cutoff from the outside world. Their ultimate fate is unknown, but the limited incursions into the Wildwood have seen no sign of them. Most people presume that the extremely docile cerisumi would have no defenses against the dangers of the forest and were wiped out.  


Cerisumi were smooth bodied arachnids the size of a large sheep. They had black bodies with vivid green bands.  

Cerisumi Silk

Cerisumi silk was widely sought among the elves. Its mundane uses included clothing, ropes, baskets, and tapestries. Inside the Kingdom of Boughs Entwining the silk was common and used for everyday items, but exported silk tended to be used for important items. Among the elves cerisumi silk became the gold standard material for magical garments, similar to how moonsteel was the gold standard material for magical weapons. The elves of Boughs Entwining also used the silk to make unique armor. Most mundane cerisumi silk items have not survived the ravages of time, so almost all cerisumi silk items encountered in the present day will be enchanted.


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