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Griffon of the Watch

Griffons trained and used by the City Watch are extremely rare, only entrusted to the most loyal members ready to take to the skies. Legend has it that some mad mage wanted to combine the 'king of birds' with the 'king of beats', thus we have the griffin.    


  A ferocious and powerful blended creature, the Griffon has the head, wings and front legs of a giant eagle with the body, tail and hind legs of a lion. An adult griffon is about 8 feet (2.4 meters) long, with a wingspan of 25 feet (7.6 meters). The average griffon weighed about 500 lb (226 kg).    


  Griffon eggs are protected and secluded for a long extended training. It is believed that a limited number of Griffin Eggs are provided to the Commissar by the Inverted Pyramid. The training process is long, dangerous and expensive, requiring vast quantities of food. Griffon can consume up to twice their weight in food a day. In the wild this would be horses or livestock. Can not use speak with Animals since a Griffon is far more monstrous than an animal.  
Insert trainer dude here Griffin Master, being the only one able to survive while raising and training the griffins.

One Mount One Rider

  Once trained, a griffon is a fierce and loyal steed. It bonds with one master for life, fighting to the death to protect that rider. A griffon mount retains its ravenous appetite for horseflesh, and a wise master ensures that a griffon remains satiated with other prey when passing through civilized lands.     Equipment and Heraldry   Both knight and griffin wear the trappings of darkred, gold, black, with the heraldry and badge of the Empire and Ptolus.   LIght Weapons   Ranged Weapons   Armor   Barding    

Tooth & Claw

  The might and ferocity of their eagles talons and lions claw easily rend, puncture and slash foes, while impaling them with the razor sharp beaks.    

Keen Sight

  Eyes of the Eagle  

Flight & Speed

  Slightly faster than a horse running
Gryphon, Griffin


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