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The Common Uur

The common uur, also known as mountain uur, normal uur, or just uur, is a species from the uur family. They were domesticated from the wild mountain uurs when the Last Barrier was first settled. Like all the species and breeds of uurs, the common uur can be found throughout The Last Barrier, and are native animals to this area only.
When a foreigner to this area thinks of an uur, kuuo'uurs are probably what they visualize. However, kuuo'uurs looks are exceptional amongst the uur family, with most uur breeds looking much more humble in their coloration and size. The common uur, as native to mountainous areas, is among the smallest uurs. Its usual coat colors are similar to the rock found in these areas, with common colors such shades of browns and grays, white, bluish, reddish, and even pinkish. Like all uurs, the wool coat is divided into two distinctly different colored parts, referred to as the main and secondary coat colors. Main coat color and the secondary coat color (on the face, lower legs, and tips of tails) are always different colors.
The common uur is widespreadly used, affordable domesticated animals. Most commoners in the Barrier area own at least a few. Unlike bigger and/or fancier-looking relative species such as kuuo'uurs, this species and its sub-breeds are only rarely used as mounts, as their small stature is unsuitable for most peoples to ride on. Instead, common uurs are commonly used as beasts of burden. But the most important utility the uurs have to offer is their produce: their fleece, while not fancy, is warm, and their milk is a staple part of diet. Of course, they are also grown for meat.


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