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Sand Lynx


Sand Lynxes are large muscular felines that stand at an average of 5 feet tall at the top of the head with 3 foot long tails and large ears. Sand Lynxes are able to eat plant matter, but they prefer meat. their fur is short and are orange or yellow to blend in with the sand of their habitat. Some have been bred to have more red or white fur. 


The gestation period of Sand Lynxes is around 290 days. Cubs are around 35-50 pounds at birth and male and female are the same size at birth. Litters are 2-4 cubs, but can rarely be 1-7 cubs. After 1 year, cubs are able to digest meat and plant products in small portions. By 3 years, Sand Lynx cubs no longer need their mothers for survival in any way. At this point, Sand Lynx cubs are around 50" tall and 1400 pounds. Sand Lynxes reach maturity at five years of age. Male Sand Lynxes are around 2000 pounds and 5-6 feet tall. their tails are 36" long and males have larger ears than females. Female Sand Lynxes  are around 1800 pounds and 4.5-5.5 feet tall. Females have 3-4 foot long tails and slightly smaller ears than males. Both males and females are able to reproduce at four years of age.


Sand Lynxes are able to live in any desert climate, but are native to the Desert of U'maan. They are predators to armored animals such as desert tortoises and armadillos. There are few predators of Sand Lynxes and the immune system of the Sand Lynx is one of the best. Some of the Sand Lynxes predators are dragons and rocs.


Sand Lynxes are one of the only natural species to have truesight, but the range is limited to ten feet. Additionally, Sand Lynxes have great senses of smell and hearing, but are nearsighted.


Sand Lynxes are used in place of all other work animals used by cultures not in deserts. Sand Lynxes are able to be pack animals, farm animals, mounts, hunting companions, and food. Sand Lynx milk is very bitter and an ingredient in many basic alchemical recipes. The meat of Sand Lynxes is also bitter, but can last longer before spoiling than most meats. Additionally, certain G'huultian tribes prize the skin and pelts of Sand Lynxes for war drums and ceremonial garbs.

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