Turquoise Water-Wader

Trilling chirps and twittering calls can be clearly heard throughout the mangal as large feathered creatures wade through the turquoise waters on stilt-like legs.
  The Turquoise Water-Wader is a large bipedal creature roughly the size of a pony which walks on long, thin, spindly legs. In appearance, they are somewhere between flightless birds and bipedal lizards, with feathers covering most of their body and scales covering their bellies and lower legs. They have a reptilian snout in place of a beak, which is full of teeth specialized for gripping onto vines. They have lengthy tails that float on the water's surface when they wade through the pools of the Mangal.   Nobody is quite sure if it can be classed as a bird or a reptile, and is an endless source of lively debates among people with nothing better to argue about.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Native to the Chromebark Mangal, Turquoise Water-Waders are most at home striding slowly through the waterways and deep pools of the region. They typically make their nests among the dense foliage around the edges of the pools.  

Dietary Needs and Habits

The primary diet of Turquoise Water-Waders are the fruit pods that hand from Chromebark trees, and certain fungi that grow from the trunks of Chromebark trees.

Additional Information


Domestication isn't a challenge for the Mangalese tribes. Turquoise Water-Waders are docile and too unintelligent to fear humans, and will live around the edges of their villages without issue.  

Uses, Products & Exploitation

In addition to the usual meat and eggs gained from species like Turquoise Water-Waders, these creatures are also used to harvest hanging vines from the Mangal. The Water-Waders use their long necks to grab onto the vines with their mouths, and tear them down in order to get at the ripe fruit pods.  
by Dutrius
Average Height
170cm at the shoulders.
270cm when neck is fully extended.
Average Weight
350 to 410 kg
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: by Dutrius


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