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Red Plains Quetzals

The Day of Dispelling changed our world in fundamental ways. Lost valleys, hidden continents, savage lands all lost their protective wards and illusions. A cave in the Red Hills started discharging dinosaurs.
Them Jakar took to them quetzals like a good adobo to my belly! They tamed them like horses and now they fly about calling themselves Sky Lords of the Red Plains.

The enormous flying reptiles known as quetzals emerged from a mysterious cave just north of the Red Plains of Maryam. The Day of Dispelling destroyed whatever magical barrier kept them in their hidden world. Other great beasts of a forgotten age dwell in the cave, but flying creatures were the first to escape.

Sky Lords of the Red Plains

The Horse Lords of the Red Plains took the quetzals' appearance as a chance to rule the skies as they did the grasslands. They adapted their unmatched ability at breaking horses to taming the giant reptiles.

Within a few decades, cargo quetzals became a common site in the skies of the Red Plains and over the Kirinal Pit.

I get a Horse Lord's welcome when I visit the Red Plains! The barbecued quetzal wings with spicy pepper sauce are especially delicious!

— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Scouts and Cargo Quetzals

Red Plains Quetzal by Chris L

Despite their fearsome appearance, the quetzals do not naturally take to combat. These skittish creatures prefer to flee from conflict and fly away from predators. Most quetzals are used for long range hauling and scouting. The strongest have been bred to carry up to a ton of cargo and they are as fast and steady as any skyship.

They can fly higher than other common flying mounts and serve as long distance scouting beasts. Jakar scouts equipped with telescopes or magical vision enhancement patrol the borders of their lands.

War Quetzals

After generations of breeding, a line of aggressive and powerful quetzals have been bred for war. These countershaded beasts fly silently before dive bombing their target, slashing with their vicious beak while their rider pierces with a lance. A contingent of Red Lancers mounted on war quetzals are stationed at the Fortress of Kirinal.

Cover image: Red Plains Quetzals by Chris L


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War Quetzals gives me flashbacks of the few times I played on a public server in Ark. I only wish that more had been included about their size? is the cargo strapped to their backs or do they carry it in their feet or a harness beneath them? How often do they need to land? etc.   Great Article and Happy Summer Camp. Yay for more dinos.

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