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Eternal Grandmaster


Member Since 16 Jul, 2019
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Interests & Hobbies

3D printing, painting minis, hiking when i can. DragonCon.

Favorite Movies

Swordfish, Stargate, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, MCU, Studio Ghibli

Favorite TV Series

Stargate SG-1, A:TLA, Darker Than Black, DBZ, One Punch Man, Star Trek, various anime and sci-fi shows. also, most of Food Network.

Favorite Books

Waaaaaaaaaaaay to many to list, sci-fi and fantasy. Currently on a Will Wight kick because i got to talk with him for 3 hours at DragonCon earlier this month and he seems like a genuinely cool guy.

Favorite Writers

Drew Hayes, Patrick Rothfuss, Will Wight, Brandon Sanderson, Frank Herbert, R.A Salvatore, Jim Butcher, and more, many many more.

Favorite Games

Mass Effect. Final Fantasy (VI, IX, VII, XII, X in that order) Fire Emblem (GBA over the new stuff, but the newer stuff is still good) Legend of Zelda, Baldur's Gate 2/3, Civilization, Xcom 2. Also Superfight, Risk, D&D/Pathfinder and Scrabble.


Latest Loved work

The new French steam battleships: the Napoléon-class ships-of-the-line

Crescent of Finality


The Giddysprout