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Horse Lords of the Red Plains

Proper Name: Horse Lords of the Red Plains

Ruler: Duke Bendekar (CG male human, fighter 15)

Government: Duke is elected from and by the Lords of the Clans.

Seat of Government: Indrovore

Cities: Indrovore (SC)

Resources: Livestock (horses, cattle, sheep), leather

Population: Human 79%, halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 2%, half-elf 1%, half-orc 1%

Law: CG

Regional Feats: Bullheaded, Saddleback, Survivor

The Duchy of Maryam is the official name for what is commonly known as the Red Plains.  The Red Plains take their name from the red soil and red grasses that cover them.  The inhabitants of the Red Plains call themselves the Jakar.  To others, they are the Horse Lords.

The plains lie south of the Ironspikes and Silver Range, west of the Taristrae River, and east of Hartshome and Bluestar Lake.  To the south, the Red Plains merge into the rich farmlands of Molndal.  A thousand years ago, the farms of Molndal were a favorite target of Jakar raiders.  Neither side has forgotten that.

The Jakar are a proud nomadic folk, who wander the plains, some with herds of cattle, others with sheep.  They are divided into clans who identify themselves with names like Black Wolf, Green Ram, and Blue Stallion.  Every five years, the clans meet in a moot to choose the Duke of the Horse Lords.

In mounted combat, the Jakar have few rivals.  Jakar children are taught to wield the lance and shoot a bow from horseback from the time that they can walk.  The most numerous order of knights in Lozar, the Red Lancers, originated among the Horse Lords.  The Red Lancer headquarters is located in Maryam's only city, Indrovore.

Maryam is also home to the Red Archers.  An order of archers skilled in the use of the bow from horseback.  The Red Archers are rare outside of Maryam.  Few outside the Jakar meet the rigorous standards that the Red Archers require.

Shorthand/Influences: Fancy Dothraki. Magipunk cowboys


  • Leader chosen from the leaders of the clans.  Voted on in a moot every 5 years.
  • Clan names are a color and an animal, The color is never red and the animal is never a horse, Examples:  Black Lion Clan, White Eagle Clan, Yellow Fox Clan, etc.


  • Jakar descended from/related to/a separated tribe from the Ongvir Horsemen
  • Same race as Ongvir Horsemen, found between Borthakar & Kiris
  • Legend says the Jakar fled Ongvir before Numoria was built
  • Their dialects are similar
  • They dislike each other, though both groups worship Kielmun
  • Joined Lozar after a plague
  • The Tridenser Maryam personally led efforts to end the plagues
  • Named their duchy after her once they joined


Red Lancers

  • A common order of knights in Lozar
  • Mostly composed of lower nobility, hedge knights, knighted commoners, and Jakar horsemen
  • Respected by commoners, church, and Tridensers
  • Not respected by Order of Light, wealthy nobles, “old money”

Red Archers

  • Elite mounted archers
  • Common only in Maryam
  • Mounted on light warhorses, wielding short bows
  • Highly respected and feared
  • Sometimes hire out as mercenaries
  • Refuse to work for Molndalian and Quertian clients

Change or turn around

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Duchy of Maryam
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Parent Organization
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