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City of Amaston

City of Justice, Foundry of Anam, and Re-Birthplace of Soulforged

The Holy City of Amaston is the site where my Lord Anam, the God of Justice was forged by the Progenitor. Like all my siblings, I was reborn in the the Soul Forge. I spent my first five years there by the water learning how to be alive again. There I learned to love Anam. There I swore to serve the Church and the Concordance. There I found my calling as a teacher. I became who I am in Amaston.

I went with Instructor for his Re-Birthday in Amaston a few years back. If you didn't know it was this big holy site, you'd think it's any other pleasant town on the Vitran Sea. The seafood's top notch, but it's a little quiet there for me. I'd call it quaint! But all the Anamite stuff everywhere's a bit much for me. And I'm not ashamed to admit that the Soul Storage Spire gives me the willies!

Amaston, also known as the City of Justice and the Foundry of Anam, is an ancient settlement nestled along the eastern coast of the Lozarian peninsula. Boasting a rich blend of spirituality, history, and culinary delights, this city is a destination for adventurers, pilgrims, and merchants.

Geography and Location

Amaston is situated in the Holy Duchy of Amaston and serves as its capital. It lies along the eastern coast of the Lozarian peninsula, overlooking the serene waters of the Vitran Sea. Surrounded by rolling hills and fertile lands, Amaston enjoys a temperate climate, making it a paradise for farmers, shepherds, and ranchers.

It is situated on the northern shore of a natural harbor on the Vitran Sea. It is the destination of the eastern train route out of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Goods from the Zone come to the port here for transport to the nations of Eastern Krosia.

Foundry of Anam

The city is best known for being the Foundry of Anam, the Lord of Justice, and the Just Warrior. At the beginning of the Age of Mortals, Diben Maraud created the God of Justice from parts he took from the other gods. He did not trust them to govern themselves and he created Anam to do it for him.

The Anamite people, characterized by their olive skin, dark curly hair, and eyes of brown and green, revere Anam and follow his teachings of justice, honor, and chivalry.

Cuisine of the Holy Duchy

Amaston's cuisine is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. The fertile lands surrounding the city yield olives, grapes, tomatoes, and wheat, which form the foundation of its delectable cuisine. From mouthwatering pasta noodles and savory cheeses to succulent seafood and cured meats, the city's markets offer a gastronomic journey like no other.

Home of the Anamites

The people of Amaston refer to themselves as Anamites, and they include humans, gnomes, halflings, and hill dwarves. No matter their ancestry, they share a culture rich with shared histories and ancient traditions.

Rise of the Lozarian Empire

Amaston played a pivotal role in the rise of the Holy Lozarian Empire. Together with Kirinal and Taristrae, Amaston formed the nucleus of the eventual empire, ushering in an era of unprecedented peace known as Pax Lozaria. The legacy of immortal King T'Kor and the Eternal Tridensers resonates throughout the city.

Seeking Justice and Tranquility

Amaston's inhabitants, devout followers of Anam, exemplify a way of life steeped in spirituality and justice. Anamite priests, distinguishable by their white robes with dark blue trim, serve as judges, lawyers, and advisers, upholding the Five Virtues of Anam - Honor, Service, Mercy, Law, and Retribution. Their dedication to righting wrongs and seeking justice for all creates a tranquil and contemplative atmosphere.

Major Centers of Worship

In the Basilica District, the Church of Anam is intricately tied to the governance of Lozar, although it does not hold ruling authority. The Basilica of Anam is the headquarters of the Church. It was once located in Kirinal but was reconstructed in the city of Amaston after the original’s destruction. The headquarters of the church and the residence of the Patriarch are now based in this enchanting city.

It is also a place of pilgrimage for followers of Anam, especially the Soulforged. All soulforged attempt to complete the ceremonial Re-Birthdays With One at least once in their lifetime. Many soulforged come every year, which leads to lots of traffic and tourism in the district.

The Basilica District also contains the Soul Forge itself and the Soul Storage Spire. When a soul of the "Dead of Kirinal" is unavailable, the Soul Shepherds harvest the undead from the Spire for true re-birth in a construct body.

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