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The great feast five-day Feast of Anamas commemorates the forging of Anam, the God of Justice and patron of we Soulforged. It is the holiest time of year for us soulforged as the forging of Anam was the precursor of our people. Anamas is a time for meditation, quiet reflection, and time with those closest to you.

We orcs don't worship Anam, but his feast day is a great excuse for a party! I love the twinkling lights, and the Anamas songs, and the gift giving! My favorite is the food though! Whole suckling thunder hog, racks of drake ribs, roc rolls! I go to so many parties, and I'm even invited to a few of them!

The five-day festival known as Anamas ends in a great feast held on the 23rd of Anamber to commemorate the forging of Anam, the God of Justice. It is the holiest day for the Church of Anam, the Sovranty of Lozar, and for the Soulforged who's souls have been saved from the Kirinal Pit through Anam's mercy. The Forging of Anam (FA) also marks the beginning of the New Lozarian Calendar that most of the world of Erathia uses.

While the Kirinal Concordance Zone does not have an official religion, it's location, within the borders of Lozar, means that the majority of it's citizens are also Anamites. Anamas is celebrated by most Kirinalos regardless of their religion, or lack of one.

The feast is celebrated by the closing of most businesses, decorations of lights, the exchanging of handmade gifts, and a great day-long feast on the Day of Anam's forging.

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