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Church of Anam

The Church of Anam is widespread throughout Krosia. Almost everyone, at some point in time, has had an injustice committed against them and everyone knows that they can turn to Anam for succor. Warriors who believe they are fighting for a good cause often call upon Anam, the Just Warrior. His temples double as training grounds for fighters, paladins and other warriors.

The Five Eternal Paladins are not actually worshiped by the faithful. However, they are often called upon for aid and are revered as the Servants of Anam. Different sects, devoted to each of the Tridensers have begun to spring up.


Anam's dogma can be summarized in the Five Virtues of Anam. Honor with Nobility. Service and Loyalty. Mercy and Insight. Law with Wisdom. Retribution with Patience.

Day-to-Day Activities

Priests of Anam, especially Specialty Priest, Justicers, often find work as judges and lawyers. In Lozar, the Church of Anam is the legal system for the country. Justicers are notoriously fair and impossible to bribe. They are also champions of truth and justice, always seeking to right wrongs, punish the wicked and avenge those who cannot avenge themselves. Whenever news of an injustice is brought to them, a priest of Anam must investigate the charges and see that justice is done.

Priests of Anam also serve as advisers to kings and other rulers, especially the rulers of Lozar. They can also be counted on to be impartial judges of tournaments and other contests.

Major Centers of Worship

The Church of Anam is closely tied into the government and leadership of Lozar, although the Church does not actually rule the country. The headquarters of the main church of Anam, the Temple of Justice, was located in Kirinal before its destruction. The Temple of Justice, the home of the Patriarch, has since been rebuilt in the city of Amaston.

Affiliated Orders

The Church of Anam is closely affiliated with The Order of Tridensers. Priests of Anam officiate at all Order of Tridenser ceremonies.

Priestly Vestments

Clergy of Anam wear white robes trimmed with dark blue. Recently, with the re-emergence of the Tridensers, other colors have become popular. Devotees to the Tridensers still dress in white, but their robes are trimmed with their Tridensers color, i.e. gold for T’kor, red for F’tor, etc.

Adventuring Garb

Worshippers of Anam are a practical lot and generally wear sensible clothing for adventuring. However, whenever possible, they are required to bear the church’s symbol somewhere visible on their clothing or accouterments.

Honor. Service. Mercy. Law. Retribution.

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