Anamas Gifts Giving

On the Eve of Anamas, the Great Spirits of the Zone come togethter to distribute presents to every child in the Zone and the Sovranty of Lozar. These gifts include small toys, charms, or articles of clothing appropriate for their native culture. They double as charms to protect younglings from the predations of evil spirits.

I was born in Borthakar, where the worship of Anam is forbidden. My parents were stationed here in the Zone when I was a wee orcling. Despite our beliefs, the shiny horses still gave me GiftsGiving presents!. See a silver dagger and an Axe of Ar-Tamak amulet. I still wear them today!

The Anamas holiday has always included a tradition of exchanging hand-made gifts between family and friends. It has also been a time when benevolent supernatural beings have taken an interest in helping their favored mortals. The "Magic of Anamas" is real and those who participate in it can achieve magical acts that are impossible any other day of the year.

The Great Spirits of the Zone come together in the months before Anamas to coordinate the delivery of gifts to every child that they can. With their current resources they give presents to all the children in the Kirinal Concordance Zone, the Sovranty of Lozar, and much of western Krosia. Taking inspiration from other jolly gift givers on other worlds, they hope to increase their reach world-wide at some point.

We hear tales of the legendary red elf who gives winter gifts to every child on his world in one night all by himself! We're trying to figure out how he does it, but it's been a logistical nightmare for us!

The Participants

The ki-rin Moon Breeze and the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins take the lead in organizing the disparate spirits of the Zone for Gifts Giving. Their army of Baku who protect the children of the Zone are the natural conduit for Gifts Giving there.

Benevolent fairys, pixies, unicorns, diwata, metallic dragons, djinn, minor celestials, and small elementals participate by donating gifts or offering to deliver them in their parts of the world. By participating, they get to ingratiate themselves with and spread joy amongst the mortals. They also get to drink from the abundant Magic of Anamas.

The Gifts

All gifts are handmade by an army of gnomes, brownies, and other crafty small folk. They can include baked goods, candy, and small protective charms to protect children from evil spirits and aswang. Some of the most prized favorites include stuffed animals, dolls in the shape of babies, and figures of the great heroes of the world.

The gifts are gathered at the Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery where they are tested and searched for bad craftsmanship or any ill intent. Evildoers commonly try to include cursed objects with the Anamas Gifts, but the magic of the ki-rins finds them for a quick disposal.

The great treant Oak Father, the Myconid Mother, Authriand the gold dragon, and their helpers go through the gifts and match them to every individual child according to the reports of their guardian baku.

Anamas Eve

On the magic night of Anamas Eve, the Great Spirits open portals to settlements throughout Western Krosia and transfer the presents to representatives in each location. The small spirits of those areas take the presents to the children that they are intended for.

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