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New Kirinal

Gateway Between the Zone and the World

The ancient port city of Taristrae became New Kirinal after the destruction of the original capital of the Kingdom of Lozar. It is where the Last King of Lozar gave up his throne and the birthplace of Sovranty.

Outside of the Zone, New Kirinal is one of my favorite places to visit! Here I am an orc of the Empire walking the streets of the Kingdom for the price of a skyship ticket! I know me old orc ancestors are looking up at me and smiling!

New Kirinal, the thriving capital of the Sovranty of Lozar, stands as a testament to the spirit of the Sovranty where the old ways combine with an age of change and industry. Once known as the ancient port city of Taristrae, it rose from the ashes after the devastation of the First Kirinal Catastrophe to become a beacon of hope and progress.

New Capital of the Kingdom and Sovranty

Originally known as Taristrae, the city served as the capital of the Royal Duchy of Taristrae and played a pivotal role as the second-largest city in the Kingdom of Lozar. It sits in the natural harbor formed by the Kirinal River where it empties into the Talinian Ocean. When the Disintegration of Kirinal reshaped the kingdom, Taristrae emerged as the natural choice to become the new capital. Renamed New Kirinal, it now embodies the legacy of Lozar and houses the House of Sovrans and People’s Chamber, wardens of the city's free people.

We were Taristrae for 2,000 years. We have lived on this land for a thousand years before that. The sea and the stone remember. New Kirinal is a hundred years old name, a fraction of the time we have been Taristrae. The Blood Remembers.

— The Blood of Taristrae

Boroughs of New Kirinal

New Kirinal is actually three different settlements, split into five districts, that grew together into the current city. The settlements formed naturally around Taristrae Bay at the mouth of the Kirinal River. The fortified Lozarian Sovranty Naval Base sits it in the middle of the bay defending the river and the city from invaders.

King's Square

The rough and rowdy King's Square district is the market and main port district of the city. New Kirinal stands at the forefront of Erathia's bustling trade network, serving as a crucial hub of commerce between the Kirinal Concordance Zone and the rest of the world.

The Square s the vibrant heart of trade, where goods from the Zone and beyond are processed, taxed, and distributed. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the ports attracts merchants, sailors, and travelers from across dimensions, making it a melting pot of cultures and ideas.

New Kirinal Map by Chris L

The Temple District

The cityscape of New Kirinal is adorned with numerous cultural landmarks, testaments to its rich history. From revered houses of worship in the Temple District to the world-renowned Taristrae Opera House in the Temple District, the city boasts a vibrant theater community that captivates audiences from all dimensions. New Kirinal's diverse population contributes to a tapestry of traditions, with religious and cultural festivals from all over the world and multiverse celebrated throughout the year.

The Castle District

At the heart of the city's governance lies the Castle District, where the former Royal Palace now serves as a museum. The House of Sovrans and the Speakers’ Chamber govern the city on behalf of the Free People of Lozar. With a diverse population of various races, cultures, and dimensions, New Kirinal embraces a concordant coexistence, where individuals from all walks of life contribute to the city's vibrant tapestry.

Old Taristrae

The old nobility and the richest merchants keep homes on the HIlls of Old Taristrae on the eastern banks of the Kirinal River. You know you have arrived when you can afford a home in The Hills.

The famous Golden Griffons roost in the cliffs just north of here on the river. The "Sons of the Griffon" boast of how they will be chosen by a griffon to become Golden Tridenser Knights.


The Traeton district is considered the poor cousin of the rest of New Kirinal. Located on an isthmus of land south of the rest of the city, Traeton is where the mundane cargo from the rest of the world comes into New Kirinal for consumption in the Zone.

This warehouse district is full of sailors and workers from around the world, but has a much less inter-dimensional flavor than the Square.

The Two Kirinals

New Kirinal and the Kirinal Concordance Zone share a strong connection referred to as the "Two Kirinals". Their bond profoundly impacts the city's development. As a gateway between the Zone and the rest of the world, the city's residents and authorities must navigate the complexities of inter-dimensional diplomacy and trade, enriching the lives of those dwelling within its walls.

New Kirinal, born from the ashes of Taristrae, symbolizes the spirit of adaptability and unity. As the jewel of the Sovranty of Lozar, this vibrant metropolis thrives as a beacon of hope, a center of trade, and a cradle of cultures. The intermingling of peoples, traditions, and dimensions makes New Kirinal a place where the past, present, and future converge in a dynamic dance of progress and harmony.

Sovranty of Lozar
Organization | Nov 3, 2023

The ancient land of Lozar is a patchwork of different smaller nations and the home of the Kirinal Pit. Now that the time of gods and kings is done, it has become the Sovranty of Lozar.

Royal Duchy of Taristrae
Organization | Nov 3, 2023

The new capitol of Lozar settled in the city of Taristrae on the coast. The city was renamed New Kirinal and the duchy became the new center of Lozar.

Characters in Location
Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Cover image: New Kirinal Header by Ellysium


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