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The capital city of the Kingdom of Amredhel is hidden in the center of Hartshome Forest. Graceful buildings blend harmoniously with the immense trees. They seem to grow naturally out of the hills and clearings. The elven elders remember the quiet cities of their youth in ages past.

This ancient city struggles with the combination of millenia of elven culture and the raw brashness of the modern world. As the Entulesse elves of the current generation begin to assert themselves, the quiet hum of trade and industry can be heard from the newer parts of the city.

The Root of Eladriel pushes back against modernization attempts. They see themselves as the upholders of elven tradtion, culture, and purity. Many of the oldest and richest noble houses have membershps in the Root passed down from their ancestors. Most Eladrine consider the Root to be charming and old fashioned.

The Patient Roadways

Our beast-drawn merchant caravans take three days to reach the city after leaving the train station. We see no value in saving days on "modern" methods of transport. No tree will ever be cut down for something as ungracious as a road or rails.

— An Elven Trader

The elves do not allow railways on their lands. Narrow ancient roads wind through their forests bringing visitors and traders to them quickly enough. The elves measure their lives in centuries, a few days of travel means nothing to them.

If they need to be somewhere quickly, they own the swiftest skyships in the world to get them there. If it's important enough, their network of teleport circles can be activated in minutes.

They take pride in the fact that their cities have no walls around them. In times of war, the forest is their home and their wall. No army has every successfully marched down the narrow roads of Hartshome Forest to assault the city.

The Groves of Eladriel

The city is a collection of districts spread over a wide part of the forest. Some of the boroughs exist entirely in the treetops. Other districts merge naturally with the forest.

The Quiet Groves

The oldest parts of the city are known as the Quiet Groves. It contains the Royal Palace of Ash, the Mithril Temple of the Moon, and the Court of Silver Stars carefully integrated into the forest. It is popular with visitors who are allowed entry only during daylight hours.

The Hub of Transport

The roads of the forest wind their way to the Hub of Transport. Riders and cargo wagons pulled by beasts of burden come here to load and unload. The only part of the city that looks like those of other mortals, the district is full of warehouses and trade buildings. Non elves have an easier time finding food and lodging here than they do in other parts of the city.

The Skytree, Eladriel's skyport is also located here. Non-elvish skyships are not allowed in elven airspace. Only the wealthy can afford to pay passage on the Telperion Skyships of the elves.

The Orchards of Industry

On the opposite side of the city from the Groves, craftsmen and artificers gather in the Orchards. The sounds of hamers and spells and engineering fill the air with the strange sounds of the modern world. Life is faster in the orchards and many of the older elves avoid coming here.

Young elves, especially the Entulesse, love the buzz of activity. The strange sounds of new music from the Pit can be heard playing here in the night.

Valentine's Flag

The oddest grove in Eladriel is Valentine's Flag, also known as Valentine's Stand. This district on the edge of the city marks the place where Valentine, King of Vampires stood at the city's border, waiting to be allowed entry. A statue of Valentine, forged from silver and mithril bearing a white flag commemorates the spot where he stood.

Dark elves who were welcomed back to elven society make their homes here. Younger elves, usually those garbed all in black with unusual hairstyles, also frequent the Flag.

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