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Duchy of Silver Range

Proper Name: Duchy of Silver Range
Seat of Government: Wizard’s Peak/Magus Valley
Cities: Magus Valley (SC)
Resources: Education (Wizard's Peak University), silver, magic items
Law: NG

This duchy lies on the northern borders of Lozar and consists of the Silver Mountain Range and the forests and farmland to the south of the mountains. This duchy was originally a barony carved out of the Silver Range by Chagroth Durinhelm. The Silver Range Duchy was created out of the chaos left by the deaths of most of Lozar's nobility during the Lichwars and Succession Wars.

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

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Geopolitical, Duchy
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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