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Holy Duchy of Amaston

Proper Name: Holy Duchy of Amaston
Ruler: Duchess Helain (LG female human, aristocrat 12) / Patriarch Caro (LG male human, cleric 20)
Government: Duke/Duchess rules with support of the Church of Anam's bureaucracy.
Seat of Government: Amaston
Cities: Amaston (LC)
Population: Dominant: Human, soulforged. Minority Gnome, dwarf, halfling. Enclave Elf, dragonborn.
Law: LG
Hallmarks: The Church of Anam, divine magic, paladins, soulforged, foodstuffs (fish), cloth, trade center
Millenia ago, Amaston was the site where the great god Diben Maraud created the god Anam, the Just Warrior, marking the beginning of the current era. Over the centuries, pilgrims to the holy site settled there, founding the city of Amaston on the Bay of Anam.     After the Disintegration of Kirinal and the destruction of the original Temple of Justice, the Church of Anam moved it's headquarters, formerly the second holiest site in the religion.    Over the two hundred years since it moved, the Church has been involved in the governing of the Holy Duchy to varying degrees, until the time of the Gods Withdrawal. With the departure of the gods from the mortal spheres, the Church had taken on a more active role with the populace and is now also fully engaged with the creation of the warforged.    The Duke/Duchess of Anam still goes through approval by the Patriarch, but the Church and State are less involved than they have ever been in the past.   Shorthand/Influences: A holy city full of paladins, artificers and sentient constructs.

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Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Holy Duchy of Amaston
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Semi-autonomous area
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