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Darastrix Tolgalen

The lost dragon continent emerged in the Talinian Ocean on the Day of Dispelling almost two hundred years ago. Those intent on exploring it encountered heavy resistance from the warrior folk who lived upon it, lizardfolk, tortles, yuan-ti, grungs, kenku, kobolds, and dragonborn. These were the first time dragonborn had encountered by the people of Erathia.

A stream of dragonborn refugees began to leave the absolute tyranny of the Dragon Empire until a magical Boundary appeared in the waters around the sub-continent. The Boundary consists of immense purple magical monoliths engraved with draconic runes that float in a circle around the island. Any ships or sentients entering the Boundary are incinerated by the elemental power of the monoliths. Non-sentient animals pass through without harm. The Boundary also prevents scrying and divination into the island.

Reports of life on the island are limited to accounts from the initial wave of refugees and the few who manage to escape the Boundary. They report a sub-tropical Empire of scaly folk with a ruthlessly enforced caste system. The Great Clans serve a mysterious Emperor and are constantly at war with each other to gain His approval. Life is very good for those at the top and full of drudgery and toil for those at the bottom.

The Major Clans are Blue, Bronze, Emerald, Gold, Green, Sapphire, and Silver. There are many Minor Clans with names such as Tortle, Saurian, Kenku, and Yuan-ti.

The roughly diamond shaped sub-continent is roughly 685 miles long and wide.


  • Darastrix Tolgalen

    The mythical Island of Dragons reappeared after the Day of Dispelling. Inhabited by reptilian sophonts and a new race: the Dragonborn. The island is surrounded by a magical boundary that protects the mysteries of the lost Dragon Empire.

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