Boundary Monoliths

The Dragon Empire has deployed a magical boundary of floating monoliths that surround the Dragon Isle. These airborne monoliths are charged with enormous arcane power that they use to destroy any ships or sentients that come near them. They are equally destructive to those trying to enter or leave the Empire.

It's worse than it sounds! The poor scalykind who live on Dragon Island believe that the Boundary Monoliths mark the edge of reality! The Inquisitors and Emperor tell them that their Empire is the only reality and everything outside the markers is a Fallacy! And they believe it! We get some refugees who can get past the lightning blasts, but it's dire over there!

The magical Boundary Monoliths emerged from the waters around the sub-continent of Darastrix Tolgalen. The Boundary consists of immense purple magical monoliths engraved with draconic runes that float in a circle around the island.

Any ships or sentients entering the Boundary are incinerated by the elemental power of the monoliths. Non-sentient animals pass through without harm. The monoliths also prevent magical scrying and divination into the island.

The Vigilance reports that the number of monoliths circling the sub-continent varies between 1200 and 1500 at any time. The monoliths slowly orbit the Empire at a little less than walking speed. They are spaced roughly 3/4 of a mile away from each other.

Boundary Monoliths of the Dragon Empire by Branden L

The monoliths are all unique, roughly 200 to 250 feet tall, carved from dark stone and engraved with glowing purple draconic runes. The Vigilance monitors them and has given each of them a number. They report that there are more than 3000 unique monoliths that rotate in and out of service. The most distinct monoliths receive nicknames based on what they or their runes look like: The Raisin Loaf, the Cyclops' Arm, Crystal Carrot, and Biggest Boy.

They keep a "Book of Boundary Monoliths" with drawings of each monolith and the runes that are carved into them. New monoliths appear every few months and are included in the book. They have yet to determine a pattern for the release of monoliths.

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