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Giants of the Dragon Isle

We have recently learned that a colony of giants lives on the Island of Dragons! The war between giants and dragons led to the end of the Age of Monsters and the eventual rise of the Age of Mortals. The fact that a colony of giants survived for 100,000 subjective years amongst their ancient enemies is most surprising!

I am no stranger to the funny ways that former foes can live with each other! We orcs have been living in the Zone for more than a century! I'm just glad to see that their peace held for so long! I heard that the Emperor himself had to fight to keep them there!

The Age of Monsters ended in a truce after the god Naraky switched the contents of the egg of the Dragon Dauphin and the womb of the Prince of Storms. The egg hatched with a storm giant baby and the Storm Queen gave birth to a dragon. Once the confusion was cleared up, the giants made a treaty with Emperor Harmonic Horizon to end the War of the Burning Sky.

As part of the truce negotiated by the gods, the Dragon Empire went into exile on Darastrix Tolgalen while the Giants retreated to the Valley of Sollo. The terms of the truce dictated that the young Storm Princess, Megara the Hatchling, would go into exile with the dragons while the Dragon Dauphin went with the giants.

Exiled Among Enemies

In order to provide for the comfort and safety of the Storm Princess, the Thane sent a community of giants along with her. At first they settled on Horizon's Aerie, but as the millenia passed, the dragons grew increasingly agitated by the presence of "enemies" among them.

Even though I am the daughter of the Storm Thane, I have no memory of the father of my blood. I only know the father of my birth, Emperor Harmonic Horizon. I am The Hatchling, the first Dragonborn, the Mistress of Storms. I honor the Emperor, my True Father and I believe in The Truth.

— Megara the Hatchling

Despite the display of loyalty by the Megara, the masses of scalykind called for their destruction. Despite his descent into madness, the Emperor truly loved the "daughter of his shell". After some spilled blood and conflict between the dragons and giants, he arranged for the colony to be moved to the remote uninhabited islands north of the Island.

They have lived there in secret ever since. They lived openly for centuries until the burgeoning population of the Dragon Empire caught up with them on their northern island. To ensure the safety of his shell-daughter, the Emperor gifted the Mistress with a Rod of the Red Dome of Heaven with the ability to hide her people and put them into hibernation.

Over the 100 millenia of exile, the giants would spend most of the time in hibernation. As a result the giants have only lived for two generations as a hundred thousand years have passed. Now that the Red Dome has burst, the giants have emerged from their latest sleep into blue skies for the first time.

Megara has watched the decline of the Emperor with great sorrow. She ponders whether she still believes in the Truth and the Fallacy and what will be the best path forward for her people.

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