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Naraky's Eggs

On the morning of Narkyfest children of all mortal races run into their parents' rooms, screaming and yelling, and jumping up and down on the beds.   "It's Narakyfest! It's Narakyfest!"   This is traditional.   In order to get them to leave, the parents are obliged to give each child a gift of 4 decorated eggs.   This is so they can go back to sleep.   The kids crack open the eggs. Some contain candy. Others hold little toys. At least one of the four eggs puff smoke right in the face. It smells like a fart.   This is to remind the children that not all gifts are good.   Some kids get four farts.   This is so they know that they're a brat.


In the Age of Monsters, the trickster god Naraky ended the war between giants and dragons with his first trick, Naraky's First Egg. He switched the unborn Dragon Dauphin in its egg with the Storm Prince in his mother's womb. To exchange the children, the two sides agreed to a treaty that sent them both into exile, allowing the Age of Mortals to begin.   He repeated the trick 6,000 years later to end the War Against the Far Realm and bring about the Withdrawal of the Gods. He switched the atropal at the center of the world with the contents of a hen's egg and lured the Great Old Ones beyond the Divine Gate as it closed behind them.   The people of Erathia celebrate the end of the war and the salvation of the world every year.


Every year, on the 17th of the month of Nar, the people of Erathia exchange four eggs with friends and loved ones. The eggs come in many forms: cooked, decorated, candy or filled with small gifts.   Traditionally, one or two of the eggs are filled with confetti or a harmless burst of smelly magical smoke or fireworks. The trick egg is a harmless reminder to be careful with gifts and that the world was saved by a simple trick.

Components and tools

The four eggs each have a different name and are usually decorated to match: The Giant's Egg, The Dragon's Egg, The World Egg and The Hen's Egg.


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