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Horizon's Aerie

In legend and myth Horizon's Aerie was the mythical city of the golden dragons. It was the center of learning and the seat of draconic power during the Age of Monsters. When the Dragon Empire vanished, its legendary libraries and schools of arcane magic were thought to be lost forever. Now the Empire has reappeared and scholars and mages around the world long to visit and steep themselves in ancient knowledge. But the madness of the Emperor and his policy of "Truth and Fallacy" keeps everyone away.

Everyone goes on and on about books and such, but I'm most impressed by the defenses. The Aerie crowns the Dragon Isle's tallest mountain. It has a 100,000 scalykind troops armed to the teeth with steel and arcane power ready to die for their Emperor. The walls have been fortified with metal and magic for a 100,000 years. What a challenge it would be to try and take it!

The capital city of the Dragon Empire stands on top of, Horizon's View, the tallest mountain on Darastrix Tolgalen. The city is defended by the sheer cliffs all around it, the few fortified roads leading into it, and the might of its draconic defenders. It was made for the convenience of dragons and is very hard to visit if you cannot fly.

Seat of Power

The Emperor Harmonic Horizon rules the Empire from the top of the mountain in the Aerie that the city is named for. The Aerie itself is an enormous golden palace full to bursting with the Emperor's hoard of treasures: gold, gems, and his personal library of rare tomes on history and arcane magic.

The Emperor's personal Voice, Vox Horizon, holds court for the Emperor from the Aerie. He assembles the members of the Draconic Council, meets with them several times a week, and then meets with the emperor to relay information back and forth.

Knowledge of a Previous Age

Horizon's Aerie contains the oldest libraries and arcane academies in the known world. The Emperor has always loved scholarship and in the Age of Monsters, he assembled a copy of every book and scroll printed at the time in the Imperial Darastrix Library. While the Dragon Isle was trapped in a pocket dimension for 100,000 subjective years scholarship in the arcane arts they needed to survive continued.

The mages of the Dragon Empire have developed highly advanced rune magic, skill in flesh warping, and psychic power. The rune carved Boundary Monoliths, the creation of dragonborn, and their mental domination of their populace shows their incredible control over all of those arts.

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