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Voice of the Dragon Prince

Reports from the Dragon Empire say that the Dragon Princes do not deign to speak to commoners. Dragonborn nobles known as "Voices" relay the commands and wishes of the Prince they serve to their followers. In extreme cases, the Princes speak to other dragons, and even their own children, through their "Voice"

It seems to me that if you have someone speaking for you all the time, you're not actually speaking for yourself. How do them scalykind know that the "Vox" even really speaks for the dragon and isn't putting in their own words? By all reports, the Voices are among the wealthiest in their Empire. Super suspicious if you ask me!

The prestigious Voices of the Dragon Princes are among the wealthiest and most powerful nobles of the Dragon Empire. Only Dragonborn may serve their Princes in this capacity. They are commonly styled with the name of their master. For instance, the Voice of Gammoranth, or Vox Gammoranth, speaks the will and commands of the Dauphin Gammoranth, the ancient dragon turtle who rules the ocean and islands surrounding Darastrix Tolgalen.

The Voice holds court in place of their draconic lord. Some are mere figureheads, with their master literally hovering behind their shoulder whispering every word they speak into their ear. Others have more power, they choose the court and interpret their master's will. The oldest dragons, nearing the end of their lives tend to give their Voice great leeway leading some to wonder who the real master in the relationship is.

The Voices live a life of great power and influence. They usually set the rules of who and who is not allowed to speak to their master. They assemble the Prince's Court and are the first point of contact for the clan leaders in the Prince's regions. Every clan leader and merchant king knows that you first have to grease the claws of the Vox if you want to get anything done.

The most powerful of them are the Vox Horizon, the Voices of Emperor Harmonic Horizon. They each bear a piece of the Rod of the Red Dome of Heaven. Their leader, Vox Horizon Primus, speaks with the voice of the emperor from Horizon's Aerie and some say that he is the true ruler of the Empire.

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