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The motivation behind building World of Wizard's Peak

I'm continuously and iteratively building a world to run RPG games in. I have been running games in the World of Wizard's Peak sinct the 1980's, a project I began in middle school and intend to pursue for life.

I haven't run games continuously all that time, but I've had an incredible burst of gaming and creativity since 2019 when I joined World Anvil.

The goal of the project

I love the act of world building itself. I always have. In the past, I've fooled myself into thinking that I'm doing this in order to write a novel or some sort of RPG supplement.

I now understand that my true purpose is creating a space for other people, my friends and family, to enjoy.

Since 2019 I've run six campaigns, some still ongoing, and a handful of one-shots in my world. I'm letting my world develop in play with the events happening at my physical and virtual tables becoming canon in the world.

World of Wizard's Peak's Unique Selling point

There's a hole in the world that leads to a different plane or reality every day, introducing new magic, technology, and beings. These constant incursions have given rise to a new society, a Concordance adept at navigating these shifts. Mighty armies defend against threats and salvagers exploit newfound resources.

I filter all of this through an immigrant diasporic lens, specifically from a Filipino point of view.

Days of the Week in the Kirinal Pit by Chris L



Maharlitech: The unique fusion of magic, science, and technology born from daily planar incursions, propelling the Concordance into a revolutionary era througha Filipino disaporic lens.

Maharlitech Header

Reader Experience

I want my players to have fun exploring a world of high adventure, intrigue, and wonder. They will discover a world with a restaurant on the back of a kaiju alligator alongside skyships capable of flying to the moon. Their characters will have quests against a backdrop of magic, innovation, and inter-planar chaos.

The people of the Zone come from all over the world, from different planes, and from throughout the multiverse to make their fortune. They eat cuisines from hundreds of worlds, they fall in love with strangers from other dimensions, they raise children descended from the elemental, the infernal, and the divine.

Lola's Comfy Kitchen Base Map Image
Kuya Buwaya by Chris L

Reader Tone

In my "grayglow" setting, the forces of good and evil have set aside their past differences to ensure their mutual survival, and to make a profit. The gods have mostly withdrawn from mortal affairs. Without the excuse of "divine voices in their heads", mortals must learn how to deal with each other directly.

Recurring Themes

  1. Organizations: The organizations that you ally with can give you the influence you need to change the world.
  2. Technology: Discovering and exploiting/using new technology/magic from different worlds.
  3. Passing of the Old Order:
    • The Gods have withdrawn and the old nobility has lost the "divine right" to rule.
    • The gods no longer whisper in the minds of their followers. The orcs and goblins and elves and dwarves are free to be whatever they want.

Character Agency

My player's characters are the protagonists of my world. I center them so that they can absolutely change it. Their decisions, for better or worse, shape my worldbuilding.

Moons have risen into the sky based on my campigns. Hell has invaded the world and the realm of dreams has opened to the elves. If you play in my world, you will change it.

Do you want to run a business, rule a realm, or build a world-spanning music festival? My players have done all of that and more.

Lunapalooza Promo Poster #1 by gte371z


Weekly Interplanar Invasions!

The Kirinal Pit manifests a different plane every day of the week. It is somewhat controlled, but on Shatter (Monday), every week, anything can appear.

Political Intrigue

The members of the Concordance for Survival vie for control of The Kirinal Pit while also defending the world from invaders.


Little better than slaves, bondservants serve ruthless nations and organizations. They work in horrible conditions for little pay in exchange for the promise of citizenship in the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

Traditionalists vs Modernists

Most agree that the rapid changes in the world over the past two centuries have been beneficial. However, many remember how the ways of the former world with longing. They seek the return of the gods and the for the "lesser" races to go back to "where they came from."


Who publishes the AZ?

The Aleph Zero Revelations is a parasitic newspaper that spontaneously infects other newspapers when they are published on Heaven, the seventh day of the week.

This hateful screed promotes the subjugation of the "mongrel" races, the "unsouling" of the "warforged", the restoration of the nobility, and the breaking of the Divine Gate.

What do they really want? What is their goal?

Sky Pirates

Pirates operating airships have become bolder in recent years. They attack trains, merchant convoys, and other airships with increasing regularity.

Where are they coming from? Who sells them their airships?

Rise of the CDL

Some elite squads of warriors on the Kirinal Pit have a dedicated bard that travels with them as they work and fight invaders from other planes. Their exploits are recorded by the bard and broadcasted through the Hedron Network. They have become formalized teams, representing each of the Eight Cantons of the zone.

The Concordant Defenders League is becoming increasingly popular. It was originally formed as a PR stunt to allow the citizens of the Zone and the world to empathize with the everyday lives of Kirinal Pit soldiers.

Aswang on the Rise

Quietly, children in the Zone have started to go missing. People are scared to go out at night as the darkness has become more and more ominous.

The Zone Authority has created a special task force to seek out dark spirits, undead monsters, and hidden aswang who have taken up residence in the Embassy Cities.

Elves of the Shattered Moon

The elves obsession with the moon has taken their eyes off of the world. They spend all their time and resources hunting down the last aberrations on the moon and searching for the Ginunting ng Thaya in the dust of the moon.

While their attention is diverted, their enemies seek to take advantage.

The Concordant Dance

Politicians, merchants, and warlords vie for political power in the Zone. The votes of the eight members of the Concordance determine the fate of the Zone, its residents, and the world. Those seeking power and wealth know that they must sway votes in their direction if they have any chance of success.

Behind the scenes machinations, out in the open bribery, and military power work for and against each other in what has become known as the Concordant Dance.

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