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World of Wizard's Peak



The History of World of Wizard's Peak so far

At the end of the Age of Monsters most dragons and giants retreated to their respective lands and sealed them up with magic. Those lost lands reappeared on the Day of Dispelling

Lost Sollo, Valley of Monsters
The giant nations retreated to the Valley of Sollo. When it reappeared the giant civilization was gone, leaving behind only ruins inhabited by enormous monsters.
Darastrix Tolgalen
The lost subcontinent of dragons reemerged inhabited by Dragonborn and not many dragons.

Current Species & Cultures

Needs & Relations

The mortal people vie for more control over the world's greatest resource, the Kirinal Pit. They know that they can't actually war against each other. They can't expend resources that could be needed to repel an extraplanar invasion.

The new world and the new ways are in constant conflict with how things used to be done. Many yearn for the days when the gods walked the earth, kings ruled with absolute authority, and the "lesser races" knew their place in the world.

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