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City of Pirates and Haven for the Talon of Tiamat

The notorious port city of Zabar is a haven for pirates and one of the traditional foes of Lozar. It is ruled by the so-called Sea King and the Council of Captains. Zabar is an unruly place subject only to the Buccaneer's Code. Pirates from around the world, and several others, know that they can find safe harbor and a place to trade their booty without fear of reprisal.

Instructor of Recruits

Zabar was a rowdy place where an orc could get up to some "old-fashioned" fun and not feel too guilty about it! Them pirates were rough but honorable, you definitely knew where you stood with them! But times have changed with the coming of the Infernal Forces and the Talon of Tiamat is making a lot of trouble out there for them!

Sgt. Kill Flayer

Zabar, the notorious port city on the desolate and isolated Feral Oyster Island, has earned a fearsome reputation as a haven for pirates and a scourge of merchant ships in the Talinian Ocean. It is traditionally ruled by the Council of Captains and their chosen Sea King. This unruly city attracts pirates from all corners of the world and is bound only by the "Buccaneers Code".

A traditional foe of Lozar, they have little use for the Concordance except as a source of loot. Seafaring miscreants seek it out for safe harbor and a place to trade their ill-gotten gains without fear of retribution.

The city has relied on isolation and a maze of reefs and wrecks to protect it from invaders. The landscape features a sparse covering of coconut trees and rocky beaches, while feral pigs roam its desolate shores. The surrounding waters are abundant with oysters, notorious for posing a grave threat to those who find themselves washed upon the island's treacherous reefs.

An active volcano, home to a red dragon and kobolds, sits on the other side of the island. The pirates have a non-aggression pact with the dragon where it gets a share of their loot and the dragon doesn't destroy them.

Districts of Zabar

Zabar is divided into four districts connected by stone-paved roads. The architecture displays a mix of adobe, stone, clay-lined fiber, and sun-dried bricks. The wealthier areas are clean and well maintained, but the poorer sections are derelict and polluted.

Crab Town

A heavily populated shanty town Crab Town consists mostly of makeshift adobe structures and clay-lined fiber buildings. The majority of the residents scrape together a hard life here.

Captain's Landing

The bustling docks of Zabar are functionally filthy. The area serves as a bustling hub for trade and maritime activities.

The Shipyards

The craftsmen in this district are responsible for building and maintaining ships. The proud workmen here perform regular upkeep on the streets and buildings, making this the cleanest and best maintained part of Zabar.

The Sea Kings Keep stands in this section of town along with the homes of those Captains who have land-bound families.

The Narrows

A small gate district, The Narrows is characterized by the only stone architecture in the city. The eminentluy bribeable Watch is stationed here. They are reliably corrupt and will do their jobs as long as it's not too dangerous.

Under the Talon of Tiamat

The situation in Zabar has changed drastically after the recent escape of the Infernal Forces during the Hell Week Accords. The Talon of Tiamat has converted the port city into their dark stronghold. A force of abishai, devils, and draconians has transformed the pirate haven into a city of fear and malevolence.

The Sea King and the Council initally took in the army of devils hoping to increase their own power and perhaps gain a stake in the Zone. Unfortunately, the followers of Tiamat have no regard for the Buccaneer's Code. The Selzor of the Green Wing has converted the Captain's Council into his personal lackey's that seek his approval and sponsorship. The Sea King now regrets welcoming in the dragons, devils, and abishai.

Zabar's population has swelled to five times its original size as dragonborn refugees and bandit armies rally to Tiamat's banners. The rough charm of the one-time pirate city has been obscured under the draconic oppression of the Talon of Tiamat.

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A non-agression pact with a dragon always seems like a good idea.

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Jul 28, 2023 00:36 by Chris L

This place has been a random spot on my world map for literal decades! The the Infernal Armies escaped the Pit I had to find a spot to put them and I'd always known there were pirates here. Glad that Summer Camp let me take a look at what's going on here!

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