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Episode 43: Against the Talons of Tiamat Report

General Summary

The officers are gearing up to invade the layer of Myxapex the Menace. They collect potions, mostly fire resistance, and some acid resistance to prepare for the next dragon. Reconnaissance reveals that the layer is an old distillery where kobolds used to make beer before the dragon kicked them out to make a base for draconians. It's now a whole base, and the dragon uses a magma-filled caldera to access its lair.

As the group brainstorms ways to sneak through the caldera and snipe the dragon, Lance suggests an alternative: wreck the base and give the distillery back to the kobolds. Nia decides to sweet-talk the kobolds into helping with the raid, but they are upset about not having any of their red claw beer after being kicked out of the brewery.

Spark magically produces some beer from the Xenis, but it looks suspicious. The crew realizes it's laced with opium, and the kobolds are going through withdrawal. Lance suggests giving them a little to help wean them off, and they agree. The kobolds also agree to help storm the base, providing detailed layout information with trap details.

In preparation, Thunderfox gives motivating speeches, and Nia organizes a new warfare unit, Sugarbear's Snipers. The invasion involves a flyby ice storm from the Blackjack's spell cannon, for which they need a scroll of ice storm. They obtain one via an old favor from Martin Vulpex of the Equitable Adventurers of Equalia.

The invasion begins with the ice storm wiping out many dragon folk and fire newts guarding the magma beach. The officers drop from the sky, and the kobold hordes rush across the only bridge. Lance and Nia use their magic to clear some chimera, while Illeana and El wreak havoc. They rush the tavern, Spark tries to catapult a barrel of beer, but it hits a hidden abishai.

Nia throws a synaptic static inside, softening everything as the kobolds rush in, handling most of the fire newts. Draconians perform a well-practiced breath rotation strategy that kills Mekkamutt. The officers eventually get inside, wrecking the place. Spark arcane locks the doors and barricades the way they came. Wicked Mind stays with them to help with the distraction. The officers head to the dragon lair through the barback door, facing various challenges and subduing each room at a cost. They prepare to take down Myxapex and his guards behind the final door.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
12 May 2023
Primary Location

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